Parent Creates Amazing Toy Story Bedroom

Mike P Williams

We’ve seen the iconic Pizza Planet Truck from ‘Toy Story’ and the jaw-dropping house from ‘Up’ materialise in the real world, but now a parent from Texas has created an Andy-inspired bedroom for her twin boys, and we have to admit that it does look rather impressive.


After making the decision to build a ‘Toy Story’ room, Christy Bolin shared the collection of cool snaps of the finished decor on Facebook, and to hugely popular reception. 

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Speaking to the Inquisitor, Christy tells how she went about amassing the items for the room. “I have been collecting the ‘Toy Story’ toys for several years. Some belonged to my 15 year old, – the twin’s older brother – and I am always on the lookout for more. A few of the rare ones I had to purchase on eBay.”

Is this the best kids room ever? Quite possibly, but take a look for yourself.


As she reveals, the toys that line the shelves weren’t easy to come by; everything we see was found either on eBay, had to be attained directly from Disney themselves, or were rare, custom made items. But small scale productions of toy that were so rare didn’t get in the way, as Christy wanted to make the room as authentic as possible.

"The ‘Toy Story’ movies have always been our favorite movies. I think that Andy had the coolest room ever for a little boy. I am always looking for ways to bring a little Disney magic into our everyday lives, and I wanted to have a room that reflects our love for the ‘Toy Story’ movies and also for Disney and Pixar."


Even though her twins are growing up, Christy says she’ll never alter the room because she loves ‘Toy Story’ too much. And why should she? There’s an obvious adoration for the Pixar world, but it’d be a shame to dismantle after all that hard work, not to mention money, that went into it; the attention to detail is staggering.

"This room will never be redecorated as long as I am living in this house. Andy had this room through college, so my boys can too. When my boys go to college maybe it will become my office. But we will never get tired of it."


While she remains defiant that the room will never be changed, I’m sure — just as Andy did in ‘Toy Story 3’ — her boys will outgrow it. That said, the painstaking effort that went into putting it together is something to admire, surely.

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Picture credits: Facebook, Christy Bolin