Parents' shock as Django Unchained trailer shown before Brave

Violent trailers including another for Die Hard 5 are played by accident

Parents at a cinema in Birmingham have told of their anger after a series of unsuitable trailers were shown to an audience of children before Pixar film 'Brave'.

Children as young as three were shown the trailer for Quentin Tarantino's latest violent offering 'Django Unchained' and 'Die Hard 5' at the 'Little Giant's Cinema Club' at the Giant Screen cinema at Birmingham's Millennium Point.

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33-year-old mum of two Melissa Coombs told the Daily Mail: “The trailers were for Django Unchained, Die Hard 5 and Iron Man so obviously our children looked horrified because they are three and six.

“We had to cover their eyes and ears. The Tarantino trailer was blood and guts and death. My kids looked shocked and horrified.

“As it is such a big screen there was nowhere to hide. A lot of parents took their children out of the room.”

Lisa Whitmore was one of the parents who took her children out of the screen once the trailers had started playing.

“It's probably the most violent film on at the cinema now. I don't know how the staff could be so incompetent,” she said.

“Showing them stuff like that can scar children for life. It was not appropriate viewing for my two little girls - who are only six and eight. I had to leave the cinema.”

The cinema has admitted that a technical error caused the wrong trailers to be shown.

“This unfortunately meant that the trailers shown in advance of the film were certified suitable for older audiences aged 12 and 15.

“Following the screening, the visitor services manager met concerned parents in the exit foyer to apologise. Immediate action has been taken to strengthen the procedures in place.”

It follows a similar incident in October last year, when 'Paranormal Activity 4' was shown instead of 'Madagascar 3' at the Cineworld cinema in Nottingham.