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Patient care coordinator at plastic surgery center shares how she's changed since starting work: 'How do I get a job there?'

A woman on TikTok is sharing a “before and after” plastic surgery photo that has left some people impressed and others speechless.

Victoria Wilcox (@victoriaswilcox), who lives in Nashville, has been working as a patient care coordinator at a plastic surgery center for the past four years. And while she doesn’t say what she thinks of her job, it’s safe to assume that she believes strongly in what she does.

In one recent video, which has more than 3 million views so far, Wilcox shows a photo of herself before she started working at the surgical center and another of her after — revealing that she’s had work done herself over the past few years.

A lot of people flocked to the comments to praise Wilcox on the glow-up.

“What’d u get done I wanna look like that,” one person asked.

“you look so good- living the dream!!!!” said another.

“Damn ya look good,” someone else commented. “They hiring?”

In fact, many people seemed interested in getting the same kind of gig.

“How do I get a job there?” one person asked, while another asked what her employee discount is like.

But not everyone was complimentary. Many commenters told Wilcox that they liked her better before she got any work done.

“Not even the same person… why change natural beauty,” one user asked.

“I am sorry you felt you had to do that,” said another.

“Did it heal your emotional trauma?” someone else asked.

In a response video, Wilcox more or less rolled her eyes at the trolls, telling them, “But did I ask?”

Overall, though, the comments were positive and respectful, with many people noting that what matters most is how the end result makes Wilcox feel.

“Beautiful before & after,” noted one person, “but you’re glowing after.”

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