Patrick Stewart has HAIR in his new movie

Ben Arnold

Patrick Stewart’s new movie ‘The Wilde Wedding’ finds him pla…. OH MY GOD, HE’S GOT HAIR.

Yes, Patrick Stewart has a lusciously lustrous full – well, almost – head of hair in his new movie comedy.

And it quite suits him too.

The movie finds him playing English writer Harold, who is set to marry retired actress Eve Wilde played by Glenn Close.

Also in attendance for the nuptials is John Malkovich’s Laurence, Eve’s first husband, who’s not entirely sure she’s doing the right thing.

(Credit: Vertical Entertainment)

Boozy chaos ensues, involving sex, magic mushrooms and a teensy weensy bit of red wine spillage.

Helmed and written by Damian Harris, the director of ‘The Rachel Papers’ back in the 80s, and 2008’s ‘Gardens of the Night’, also starring Malkovich, it also has Minnie Driver, Jack Davenport and Noah Emmerich on the bill.

It’s due out in the US in September.

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