Paul Bettany’s Vision Will Return After Avengers 2… But Not In A Solo Film

British actor Paul Bettany has confirmed to Yahoo Movies that his ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ character Vision will return in future Marvel movies.

“I’m allowed to say the character [Vision] continues,” explained Bettany, however he wouldn’t say how many more Marvel movies he’d signed up for. One thing he’s not interested in is leading a solo film.

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“I don’t know about [making a solo film]. That seems like a lot of work!”


After being a bit-part player in the films since 2008′s ‘Iron Man’, the ‘Da Vinci Code’ star is now the hot new thing in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

He’s upgraded from voicing Tony Stark’s robo-butler JARVIS to playing one of the films new superheroes, the enigmatically named Vision. But with greater power, comes greater responsibility for the actor in the shape of extended appointments with the make-up department and an incredibly discomfiting outfit.

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“The face and body [of the Vision] are me,” he explains in our interview above.

“It’s a very long makeup process, like a 3-hour makeup process. It’s uncomfortable and claustrophobic because you can’t hear.


“But the first day is fine. The second day is… okay. And the third day, you really don’t want to be there. The fourth and the fifth day, you really have to meditate on the line of thousands of actors who would like to be in your position. And you just focus on that and how lucky you are.”

He says the look is achieved with one hooded piece that covers his head and shoulders and glued in place, coupled with a full-length water-cooled body suit.

His character’s distinctive yellow cape is 100% CGI.

“It’s uncomfortable,” he adds,  “But it’s as uncomfortable as getting paid a lot of money to be uncomfortable is.”


The purple-skinned ‘synthezoid’ Avenger is likely to be one of the major talking points of the film. Bettany’s superb performance as the soulful android who plays a pivotal part in the finale, is one of the film’s many highlights.

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is in cinemas now.

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Image credits: Disney/YouTube