Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters: Melissa McCarthy’s In Charge

Paul Feig has spoken once again of his plans for the upcoming ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot, and has made one key point clear: Melissa McCarthy’s character is the Ghostbuster in command.

The director tells IGN, “It’s an ensemble, but at the same time you need the one person that brings you into the group.“

Asked whether this would be Kristen Wiig’s character, Feig admitted, “yeah, and then Melissa is sort of the leader of the group.”

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Given Feig has worked extensively with McCarthy on ‘The Heat’ and the upcoming ‘Spy’ since first teaming up with her and Wiig on their breakthrough hit ‘Bridesmaids,’ it’s little surprise to hear that these two look likely to be the focal point over the comparatively lesser-known ‘Saturday Night Live’ veterans Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

Still, Feig insists that “everyone will be equal,” adding, “I just love a deep bench like this. Every one of those women are so strong and so funny. The hard thing is giving everyone enough stuff…keeping all their stuff in the movie, I should say. You don’t want to have a 3 hour long movie.”

Feig confirmed that improvisational content, utlilised heavily in his other films, will also be employed on ‘Ghostbusters,’ although he does emphasise the importance of the script: “you work really hard to get a great script… so that if everything else fell apart [and] you just shoot the script, we’d still have something good. But that’s just the blueprint and the launchpad for anything.”

Feig also reiterated his complete ignorance of ‘Ghostcorps,’ the male-dominated ‘Ghostbusters’ spin-off reportedly set to star Channing Tatum, which the director insists was as much news to him as anyone - and which, he stresses, will have no bearing on the direction his film takes.

“That has nothing to do with us. That was a real surprise when that announcement came out… we’re just doing our thing, I can’t let that affect me, and again I don’t even know how real it is. All I care about is my four ladies.”

‘Ghostbusters’ is due July 2016. In the meantime, Feig and McCarthy’s next movie ‘Spy’ opens on 23 May.

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Picture Credit: 20th Century Fox, Twitter/Kristen Wiig