Paul Heyman Shares What Wrestling Fans Don’t Give Roman Reigns Enough Credit For, And The Most Exciting Thing About Working With Him

 Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman on SmackDown.
Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman on SmackDown.

Pro wrestling has reached another peak in global popularity, and Roman Reigns sits at the "Head of the Table" as we roll towards the highly anticipated WrestleMania 40. While there's little denying Reigns gets his flowers for his role in helping the WWE break records in profits and ticket sales, Paul Heyman says there's a lot about the champion that fans don't give him enough credit for. And he was more than willing to share more on that while chatting with CinemaBlend.

Paul Heyman was gracious enough to speak to me ahead of the episode that he directed of A&E's Biography: WWE Legends series that's about Roman Reigns. The "Wise Man" was selected to take the helm, as few know Reigns and his journey better than he does. With that in mind, I just had to ask the manager what wrestling fans don't give the Undisputed WWE Champion credit for. Heyman was happy to tell me all about Reigns and what he does behind the scenes that people may not see:

The thought process that goes into every single solitary thing that he does. On camera from the backstage scenes, to the promos delivered in the ring, to the box office-smashing main event matches that he stars in. Everything that Roman Reigns does has a thought process behind it that is so deep and desirous of greatness that it would exhaust the normal person just to witness it.

Just listening to him speak about Roman Reigns makes it clear why the former ECW head is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania week. He's the greatest manager of all time, and the way he discusses Reigns and his passion for the business sells the fact he could be the greatest locker-room leader and top act that the WWE has had in quite a while.

Much of what the businessman described above is clear enough in the WWE Legends episode, which details everything from fans' angry response to 2015's Royal Rumble, the star's battle with leukemia and his path to becoming the most prolific pro wrestler amongst strong competition. Paul Heyman shared what he loves about working with the wrestler, as someone who has been around to see a lot of major in-ring stars in his career:

The most exciting thing about working with Roman Reigns is the blessing of working through all the brains. It's not just an opportunity to be part of a history-making top act. It's the exhilaration that one will experience when working with someone whose pursuit of greatness is so intensely passionate that it's all-consuming. The manner in which Roman Reigns approaches his own ambition to be the greatest of all time matches any man or woman of great accomplishment., any billionaire I've ever known, any business owner I've ever associated with. He is a person with a work ethic that very few on this planet can even claim to match.

Roman Reigns is passionate and, while he may not have liked that Cody Rhodes used his status to demand a rematch at WrestleMania 40, it sounds like he'll be ready all the same to retain his title. Even if he loses, his drive and passion could indicate that he'll be at many upcoming WWE events trying to win back what is his.

As for Paul Heyman, I'm curious to see what the "Wise Man" does after WrestleMania 40, should his Tribal Chief no longer be champion. Some fans noticed that Monday Night Raw featured Heyman in conversation with Drew McIntyre, which could be a clue concerning a WrestleMania surprise, or he's lining up the next "Paul Heyman Guy." Whatever is planned, Heyman has me jazzed to use my Peacock Premium subscription to watch all of WrestleMania week.

Before that, though, watch Biography: WWE Legends on Sunday, March 31st, on A&E at 9:00 p.m. ET. The documentary is jam-packed with a lot about Roman Reigns that fans will surely be interested to learn about, and it may lead them to "acknowledge" him even further.