Paul Rudd: This Is 40 was Apatow’s ‘expensive fetish’

Real-life family cast talk what it’s like with a ‘better dad'.

You’d think making a film inspired by your own family life, starring your own wife and children would be a bit on the surreal side – especially when another man is playing you – but not for director Judd Apatow.

“Maybe it’s just some strange sexual perversion that he has,” says ‘This Is 40’ star Paul Rudd, “to get his whole family in a fake scenario with somebody in his shoes - and pretend to make a movie about it.”

“This could be the most expensive fetish anybody has ever had!”

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In an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Movies UK the cast of ‘This Is 40’ have been talking about making Judd Apatow’s midlife-crisis comedy, featuring the director’s real-life family.

“It’s a third truthful, a third about my friends,” says Apatow, “and then the really embarrassing humiliating things are about Paul Rudd.”

“He’s better looking than I am. He’s more charismatic than I am,” he continues. “I guess they could see what it could be like… with a better dad.” Check out the video above for more.

Rudd himself joked about his resemblance to Daniel Craig, who Apatow’s wife, actress Leslie Mann, happens to have a bit of a liking for:

“I feel like he’s my doppelganger,” he boasted. “Not just in physique but in rugged manliness… Look, people that know me call me ‘Skypole’.”

‘This Is 40’ is out in UK cinemas now.