Paul Rudd Recalls 'Unreal' Super Bowl Hug With Travis Kelce And Reveals His Inner Swiftie

Paul Rudd will never forget hugging Travis Kelce on the field after his Super Bowl win.

The “Ghostbusters” star is still buzzing from that moment as he’s both a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan and latent Taylor Swift groupie.

Rudd not only watched his team defeat the San Francisco 49ers in person, but found Kelce on the field for a gigantic bear hug afterwards.

“It was pure elation,” he told MTV News on Thursday. “It really is truly the greatest feeling. And I was there with my kid and he’s feeling the same way. And so to share that with him and then to just get to hug Travis Kelce right after a Super Bowl win, it makes no sense.”

“It’s unreal,” Rudd continued.

The Marvel actor and “I Love You, Man” star, who spent his entire childhood in Kansas, revealed that Kelce has “been involved” in a local charity of his “for years and years now” — and that he met the professional tight end long before he became Swift’s new boyfriend.

While he lauded his pal as “the greatest guy” ever, Rudd is also a genuine Swiftie, having attended her “Eras Tour” concert in New York City after being initiated by his teenage daughter. The newfound disciple even has some favorite tunes.

Rudd and Kelce shared an embraced at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas after the Super Bowl.
Rudd and Kelce shared an embraced at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas after the Super Bowl. Luke Hales via Getty Images

“I really like ‘Mastermind.’ I sing along on that one,” he told MTV. ”‘Cruel Summer,’ sure, like everybody else, right? ‘The Archer,’ maybe? ‘August,’ maybe? I’m just going through the A’s now.”

Last week, the actor raved to late night host Stephen Colbert about his experience seeing Swift in concert.

“It was a stadium filled with 80,000 people,” he said. “And I just thought, ‘There’s so much support and love and positivity,’ and to feel that kind of feeling with that many people … was incredible.”