Pauly Shore ‘up all night crying’ over Richard Simmons tweet

Pauly Shore has taken to Instagram to share that he was “up all night crying”.

The actor and comedian’s post came after fitness guru Richard Simmons dissed the biopic on his life that Shore is set to star in.

“I was up all night crying regarding Richard Simmons’ tweet,” Shore shared.

“Richard, how do you not approve of this movie? I mean, really, who’s better to play you in a movie than ME?

“Leonardo DiCaprio’s not gonna play you. Brad Pitt’s not gonna play you. I’m perfect. Everyone already thinks I’m you. We’re the same.”

Simmons had earlier revealed on social media that he’s talking to film studios about making his own biopic.

“I just read that a man that I don’t know is writing my biopic starring Pauly Shore,” he posted.

“I do not approve this movie. I am in talks with major studios to create my own biopic with some help. Wait for this movie.”

Shore’s Simmons biopic, which the fitness icon is not involved with, is currently in development at Warner Bros.

“Richard, you haven’t even heard the pitch,” the Encino Man star continued.

“Why don’t you simply let me come over to your house…and we can listen to the writer, Jordan Allen-Dutton, pitch you our idea?

“Richard, you’re going to love our movie. We’re going to make the most beautiful cinematic masterpiece that’s going to honour you in a way that you’ll drop to your knees and cry with joy and happiness”.

Shore has played Simmons before in a 10-minute short film titled The Court Jester.