Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison And His Family Pay Tribute After His Son Dies At 39

 Rick Harrison on Pawn Stars.
Rick Harrison on Pawn Stars.

Rick Harrison – best known to TV viewers for his leading role on the reality TV series Pawn Stars – and his family have unfortunately suffered a personal loss. It’s been confirmed that one of Harrison’s sons, Adam, has sadly passed away. According to reports, the young man died as the result of a drug overdose. Adam, who never appeared on his family’s famous show, was only 39 at the time of his passing. Now, in the aftermath, Rick as well as his other son, Corey, have paid tribute.

Upon the news breaking, the Harrison family released a joint statement that was shared with TMZ. They told the news outlet that they are “extremely saddened by the death of Adam.” They also asked that the public provide them with the privacy they need at this time. Sometime later, Rick Harrison took to his Instagram to comment on the passing of his child. With his caption, he conveyed that his boy “will always be in my heart” and expressed love for Adam as well. You can see the post down below, which also includes a photo of the father and son together:

Corey Harrison also chose to honor his brother through a sentimental Instagram post. Like his dad, he shared a photo – one that showed him and his brother in the bathtub as kids. He also included a brief message in the caption. Check out the post:

Adam Harrison was the second child that Rick shared with his ex-wife, Kim, who is also the mother of Corey Harrison. Though Adam never appeared on any episodes of the show (which can be streamed with a Hulu subscription), he did work at his family’s establishment before the series began in 2009. All in all, the young man kept a relatively low profile compared to his well known relatives and their formally legally embattled co-star Chumlee.

This isn’t the first major loss that Rick Harrison, who was sued by his mother over ownership shares and more in 2022, has faced in recent years. The brood notably lost its patriarch, Richard “The Old Man” Harrison, who died of Parkinson's Disease at 77 in 2018. Around that same time, Rick and others paid tribute to Richard, and Pawn Stars even aired a retrospective episode that honored his memory.

As of right now, all of the circumstances surrounding Adam Harrison’s death remain unclear. What is known, per People, is that his body was found this past Friday, though it’s yet to be confirmed just where he was when he overdosed. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department is reportedly still investigating the case, as of this writing.

It’s honestly hard to even imagine just what Rick Harrison and his relatives are going through. It is, however, still sweet that he and Corey paid tribute to Adam in sentimental ways. One would hope that those memories will, at the very least, serve as a source of comfort for them and their loved ones as they continue to remember Adam.

We here at CinemaBlend extend our condolences to the Harrison family during this time.