Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke Are Lovers and Enemies in Wild New Western Film from Saint Laurent

The two are lovers to enemies to lovers again in Saint Laurent's debut film, dropping at the Cannes Film Festival

Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke are in their Brokeback Mountain era.

The Last of Us star, 48, and The Purge star, 52, landed roles in the fashion house Saint Laurent's debut film from their new production division at France's prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

The new film, Strange Way of Life, directed and written by the acclaimed Pedro Almodóvar, sees the stars as early 1900s cowboys who reunite after 25 years apart and, in doing so, revisit the love and intimacy they shared in their youth.

Pascal is a Mexican gunman who used to work with Hawke before he became sheriff of his small western town; when Pascal visits his old flame, they reunite over drinks, laughs and food before sealing their reunion with a kiss and lovemaking. After their night of fun, however, Hawke's character switches up on Pascal, starting a fight in which Hawke is accused of never loving Pascal in the first place. Once an eyewitness reports a woman was killed by Pascal's son, their love-fueled rage takes a turn for the worse.

However, after Hawke suffers an injury, Pascal is there to nurse him to health, and they begin to reflect on their love and possible future.

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Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke in <em>Strange Way of Life/em> (2023)</em>
Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke in Strange Way of Life/em> (2023)

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For the film, the costumes were done entirely by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, taking inspiration from the Western films of the era and not what so-called cowboys actually wore.

Details like Pascal's green jacket were inspired by the film Bend of the River, and Hawke's sheriff character was inspired by films like Last Train from Gun Hill, where the sheriff is the most opulently styled character in the film in a suit, vest, waistcoat and bolo tie.

The rest of the male characters' costumes feature Western film staples like neck scarves, checkered shirts, and waistcoats, and the women wear costumes reminiscent of El Dorado.

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Courtesy of Saint Laurent
Courtesy of Saint Laurent

Almodóvar said in a press release that it was "a thrilling experience to work with Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal," who he says were "both extraordinary in their respective roles." (Elite star Manu Ríos also features in the film.)

With the debut of the film, Vaccarello is filled with pride over Saint Laurent's venture into the production industry, saying in the same press release, "Saint Laurent is proud to become the first brand fully in the business of producing films," continuing about the new film, "I have always admired the women in Pedro's [Almodóvar] films, both strong and vulnerable. In Strange Way of Life, his male characters have the same complexity."

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