Pedro Pascal has retaliated to Kieran Culkin in the best possible way

 Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin.
Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin.

Pedro Pascal had the best possible response for Kieran Culkin's hilarious Golden Globes callout.

When Culkin won his Golden Globe for his work in Succession, at one point in his speech, he – completely randomly – cheered: "Suck it, Pedro!" He immediately apologized with a more sheepish "sorry," and as the camera showed Pascal, he laughed and then broke into theatrical, fake sobs.

Pascal has finally had a chance to get his own back at the Emmys, however. The actor has been wearing his arm in a sling recently, and addressed the injury – and Culkin's jibe – as he was presenting. "A lot of people have been asking about my arm," he began. "It's actually my shoulder. And I think tonight is a perfect time to tell everyone that Kieran Culkin beat the shit out of me."

Cue plenty of laughter from the crowd, which then got louder when the camera cut to a completely stone faced Culkin, who didn't so much as crack a tiny smile (all in good fun, we're assuming). See the moment below.

Culkin ended up taking home the gong for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Roman Roy in Succession (Pascal was nominated in the same category for his role as Joel in The Last of Us).

Pascal is set to be a very busy man over the next few years, with The Last of Us season 2 set to start filming imminently, a Mandalorian movie slated to go into production this year, and a reported lead role in Marvel's Fantastic Four.

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