Watch: Pensioner, 77, fights off cashpoint mugger outside supermarket

Dramatic CCTV footage captured the remarkable moment a 77-year-old man fought off a mugger who tried to steal from him outside a supermarket in Cardiff.

The unnamed victim stopped outside the branch of Sainsbury’s in the Welsh capital to get some cash on February 5.

Footage captured on the store’s security cameras showed him getting out the car in a seemingly empty car park to withdraw some cash.

As the elderly victim walks away from the cash point, he is intercepted by the attempted mugger, wearing a high-vis jacket, who grabs him and shoves him against a bin.

The attempted mugging took place outside a Sainsburys store in Cardiff. (SWNS)

The penioner, however, then starts to fight back - shoving his attacker away before throwing punches at the man.

As the two men pivot quickly around, the pensioner is left facing the CCTV camera outside the Sainsburys store in Cardiff, Wales - and can be seen shouting, "Come on, then".

The pensioner successfully fought off the suspect, who made off empty-handed towards the path leading to Colchester Avenue.

South Wales Police said the victim was using the cash machine when he was approached by the individual who demanded the cash and his bank card.


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Detective Constable Stephen Mayne, from South Wales Police, said: "The victim in this case showed great bravery, however he has been left shaken.

"We would encourage anyone who knows him [the suspect] to please come forward."

The suspect was carrying a black ruck sack and was wearing a high-vis vest and black hat with a white motif on the front.