Some people aren't thrilled about Amy Schumer's 'body positive' film, 'I Feel Pretty'

Elise Solé
Amy Schumer’s new film “I Feel Pretty” has not been universally well-received. (Photo: Getty Images)

Amy Schumer’s new film “I Feel Pretty” is here, and people aren’t pleased about it.

The trailer for the June 29 film, which was released on Friday and dubbed a “body-positive comedy,” depicts Schumer as Renee Barrett, a woman who struggles with poor body image until a head injury in Soul Cycle class triggers her to believe she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. The takeaway: Feeling beautiful isn’t a matter of diet, exercise, or plastic surgery. No matter what your looks are, the right attitude can make anyone gorgeous.

But many on social media, most notably comedian Sofie Hagen, raised an issue with the fact that a white, blonde, straight actress is still in a privileged class, not truly reflective of those marginalized for their looks.

Some felt the movie was sexist.

And outdated.

And elitist.

And downright depressing.

Schumer, 36, has joked about her own body image struggles. “I’m what Hollywood calls ‘very fat,'” she said during her Netflix show Amy Schumer: The Leather Special in March last year.

She also shared in the special, per People, that she was advised to lose weight before filming her 2015 film Trainwreck. “Before I did anything, somebody like explained to me, ‘Just so you know, Amy, no pressure, but if you weigh over 140 pounds, it will hurt people’s eyes. And I was like [‘OK’] I just bought it. I was like, ‘OK, I’m new to town. So I lost weight.”

Still, Schumer said, “I feel very good in my own skin. I feel strong. I feel healthy. I do. I feel sexy,” and as with her character, changing her perspective helped.

“My dad, like, has MS and is in a wheelchair and it’s, like, I’m just psyched I can f***ing move,” she said, according to People. “How are you going to complain [about your imperfections?] Shut the f*** up. You’re alive. You can move. You feel good!”

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