A Video About Millennial Managers Went Viral, And Now People Are Saying They're Actually "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing"

Within the last decade, millennials have led companies, offices, and employees of both older and younger generations.

They're "a force to be reckoned with," according to Forbes, because, unlike previous generations, millennials are unafraid of rebranding, adopting new technology, and changing how we define productivity. Which all sounds great, right? Well, maybe not.

Someone saying, "I love millennial drama"

Recently, TikToker robdon567, who is known for posting first-person skits on the platform, shared a video called, "POV: You Have a Millennial Manager."

In the clip, Rob feigns a video meeting between an anonymous employee and their seemingly supportive millennial manager who tells his employee not to work while out sick; encourages them to run quick errands during work; checks in on their mental health with regards to work, and more.

TikTok: @robdon567 / tiktok.com / Via Twitter: @OhHeyImani_

The video — which amassed 8.6 million views on TikTok and 14.5 million views when later shared on Twitter — has been a catalyst for debate about managerial styles across generations, and whether boomers, Gen X'ers, or millennials are the best managers. And the opinions are far more wide ranging than you may think.

On TikTok — where the audience notably skews younger — commenters mostly said millennial managers are preferred. One person shared, "I have a millennial manager and I work SO much harder because she makes me feel supported. Good management fosters good work without the anxiety!"

  TikTok: @robdon567 / Via tiktok.com
TikTok: @robdon567 / Via tiktok.com

"This is my manager," another added, comparing their manager to the one in robdon567's video. "And I'd go to war for him."

  TikTok: @robdon567 / Via tiktok.com
TikTok: @robdon567 / Via tiktok.com

Even older employees agreed. "I'm 50 and had a millennial manager," this commenter said. "He was BY FAR the best manager I'd ever had!"

  TikTok: @robdon567 / Via tiktok.com
TikTok: @robdon567 / Via tiktok.com

However, reactions to the viral video and conversation could not have been more different on Twitter. What previous responders called support and kindness, Twitter users labeled as "fake" and suggested managers with this style are truly wolves in sheep's clothing.

TikTok: @robdon567 / tiktok.com / Via Twitter: @d_la_reina

"As a former supervisor, be careful with these types," one Twitter user wrote. "Many are not comfortable delivering uncomfortable news/coaching because they want to be seen as the 'cool, laidback boss.' They tell you one thing then run to their boss/HR with something else. They are not your friend."

TikTok: @robdon567 / tiktok.com / Via Twitter: @iDimitriusJones

As people shared their own personal experiences with seemingly understanding and "cool" millennial managers, they said vague expectations and a lack of communication about underperformance was common — until their job was in jeopardy.

Twitter: @ugotechie

"These types of managers are the worst," this user wrote. "They create a false sense of warmth, and niceness, and a put-yourself-at-ease type of vibe, and if you fall for it, they'll literally stab you in the back when you'll least expect it."

TikTok: @robdon567 / tiktok.com / Via Twitter: @MoussouKaryn

Reading through these warnings, a few users chimed in to stick up for the stigmas being placed on millennial managers, suggesting that while they may be more lax, their faults are incomparable to those of older generations.

Twitter: @noivaswright

"My favorite managers have been millennials," user @jackofallgames7 wrote. "Boomers don't care about job development 'cause no one helped them because the market needed workers. Gen X can be good or bad, but majority of the time they like being your 'boss' [more] than your support system."

Twitter: @jackofallgames7

And thus started the debate between boomers, Gen X, and millennials. Here are some of the most viral takes:

TikTok: @robdon567 / tiktok.com / Via Twitter: @shayxonline

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Now I need to know your opinions. In your experience, would you prefer a manager who belonged to the millennial, Gen X, or boomer generation? Let us know your answer and why in the comments.