People Are Sharing The Harmless White Lies They Tell Their Partners In Order To Keep Them Happy

Whether you've been dating just a few months or have been married for decades, you've probably told a little white lie or two at some point in order to not upset your S.O. or to make them happy.

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Recently I came upon a Reddit thread from a few months ago where user Old_Army90 was curious about just that and asked:

"He wil sugar coat things or white lie about things to make it easier"

The thread got thousands of responses. Here are some of the top and best comments:

1."My GF can't sleep sometimes. I told her there is a pressure point on her lower neck that, if pressed, induces sleepiness. When she can't sleep, I will press on it to placebo her into getting tired and falling asleep."

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2."I’ve never told my husband what a horrible dancer he is. HORRIBLE. Think Elaine on Seinfeld. He always wants to dance, but I usually tell him I’m tired or that my feet hurt. If the dance floor is crowded, I’ll dance with him but in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by people."

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"Love that man to death, though, he has a million amazing qualities, and I’m the luckiest woman alive. Also, I’m pretty sure he could name quite a few things about me that he’s not too fond of."



3."'Was that a dead dog on the road?' 'No it was a trash bag.'"

A trash bag

4."Yes, I would love to travel six hours to see your family!"

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5."I insist that his 'old man' phlegmy cacophonous sinus clearing coughs in the morning don't bother me. He can't help it, but man they are rough and gross to listen to."

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6."We live in an area where it doesn’t rain frequently, but when it does, we get a ton of snails. He would get sad because we’d see some snails that had been stepped on, so I told him that they were an invasive species so he wouldn’t feel so bad about them getting smushed."

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7."My GF hates Dijon mustard. I have a personal sauce that I make for burgers. She asked if it has Dijon in it. I said no. She loved it, and I’ve made it multiple times since then. She’s even requested it a few times. (It has a decent amount of Dijon mustard in it.)"

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8."That I enjoy spending time with her parents. The truth is, I do like her parents, and it's always nice to see them...for a little while. After the fourth day in a row of listening to them bicker about how the forks were sticking up in the dishwasher when FIL knows they're supposed to be put in with the tines down, I'm ready to go home and sit in total silence."

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9."'The kids are looking more and more like you every day!' She spent nine months creating each of them inside her womb, enduring sickness fatigue and torture, and the little f***ers came out looking like clones of ME."

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10."He loves music that sounds like the souls of the damned in a blender with gravel and faulty brakes. I listen to all of the songs because I love how much he loves the music. It almost makes the assault on my ears enjoyable. He cranks the volume all the way up and grins so big that his eyes crinkle at the sides. I’ll listen to this shit for the rest of my life, and I'll love it. Watching him love his music makes my heart so happy."

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11."Every morning I read five or six horoscopes and read to her only the best one before she starts her day."


12."I asked for a cast iron griddle for my birthday. My oldest friend got me a huge one, gave it to me early. My fiancée gave me a smaller one on the day. She was so upset her thunder got stolen, even though it was unintentional. I put them both in the pantry till she’d sorta forgotten, then I pulled out the big one. I told her it was the one she gave me. I cook breakfast on it every day."

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13."'No, I haven't been letting the stray cat in while you're at work all day that you said couldn't come inside.' He ended up agreeing to adopt him and let him inside the house a couple months later and was surprised by how well he got along with my existing cats so fast. Had no idea they were already besties, LOL."

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14."Sure, I'd love to go shopping on a Sunday afternoon rather than watch football, I'll get the keys!"

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15."Our child took their first steps when she and I were visiting my parents a few hours away while my husband was at work. Later that evening, he got home shortly after we did, and our daughter took a few steps toward him when he came in the house. He got extremely excited thinking those were her first steps, so I just went with it and got excited, too. She's 14 now. I've never told him the truth."

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16."Every time they show me something they watched or a meme, I act like I've never seen it and laugh my ass off."

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17."We live in a cold climate (not snowy, though), but my husband is too 'masculine' to wear slippers at home. He just gets cold. I was traveling to Alaska and found these 'manly' slippers. I threw away the box and told him that on the box there was a man walking through the snow wearing them (it was a lie to increase the 'manly' aspect). He loved them and wears them."

house slippers

18.And lastly, "Well, I tell him that my mac and cheese is homemade and that its a famous recipe of mine. What he doesn't know is that it's just Kraft Mac N Cheese. I haven't been able to go in the spare closet for a month, it's just empty Kraft boxes at this point."

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You can read the original thread over on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.