15 First Date Confessions That Range From Seriously Disturbing To Just Plain Weird

First dates can be hit or miss and it's safe to say these were all a part of the latter.

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Reddit user u/ CallMeAmyA asked people to share stories about the most disturbing thing they learned about someone on a first date, and they didn't disappoint:

Editors note: These submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

1."Someone told me she really wanted a Jaguar when she was in high school, but her dad bought her a Prius instead. So she crashed it on purpose. Then he bought her another Prius and she crashed it again. I guess he learned his lesson afterward because he ultimately bought her a Jaguar."

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2."I went on a single date with a woman. I learned she'd dated, separately, both my brother and cousin, coincidentally."

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3."Met a guy, he was cute and nice, so we spent some time on a park bench after having some coffee at a cafe. We talked for 30 minutes, sharing hobbies and really enjoying ourselves. At some point the dude asked if he can show me something and it turned out to be a list of girl he's ever had sex with. THEN he asked if I wanted be added to that list."

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4."This girl I saw professionally a few times asked me out. We went out for the first time and she wore short sleeves, which exposed her big confederate flag tattoo on her forearm."

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5."This 41-year-old man casually told me that he has five kids on the other side of the country. When I said, ‘Oh that must be really hard. You must miss them so much.’ He responds with, ‘Yeah, but you know things happen and they’re older and have their own lives now.'"

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6."An ex told me that the baby photo that's supposedly of him was actually of his brother who died in infancy, but he's never allowed to acknowledge even knowing about it to his mother. Who brings that up on a first date?"

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7."She had never had ketchup before. We were in our 20s."

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8."He took off his coat and he was wearing one of those '90s wolf shirts. He also told me his mom still packs his lunch for him every day. Okay, fine, you live with your parents. Rent isn’t cheap. But she packs your lunch and you look like a middle schooler? Bye."

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9."They told me they ate human meat and that, 'it wasn't too bad.' They then reassured me that they'd eat it again, lol."

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10."This guy I went on a date with just moved back from Canada. He asked me, 'What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever been through?' I told him. Then he tells me he and his friend went to a bush doof (music festival in Australia) and when his friend went to pee, he never came back."

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11."That he could have sold my kidneys on the black market while I was asleep."

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12."Went to see Gone in 60 Seconds with a long time crush, when he leaned in and whispered, 'My brother’s in prison for this.' He was referring to boosting cars."

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13."During the date a stray cat came close to our table. She stood up and started loudly saying, 'I hate these creatures!' She then started explaining to me, with a lot of detail, how and why she thinks cats are horrible. I am a cat-fancier."

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14."She has gone 10 years without paying her taxes."

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15.Lastly, "This guy told me he really wanted me to watch this show on Netflix with him because he identified so much with the main character. The show was Hannibal. This guy just told me he identified with Hannibal Lector."

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Have you had a date get a little too honest with you? Tell us about it in the comments below!