I Asked Women Who Left Situationships For The Reason The Man Refused To Commit, And The Responses Were Even More Infuriating Than Expected (You've Been Warned!!!)

When I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the ridiculous excuses why a man refused to commit in a relationship, I did several deep breathing exercises to prepare myself for all the incoming fury I'd be sure to feel.

*preparing to rage against the man child*
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Guess what? It didn't work! I'm frothing with anger and ready to scream, "YOU DESERVE BETTERRRRR!!" to all of the girlies in situationships who are being strung along by immature men (stay strong, queens <3). Here are the responses that had me picking my jaw up off the floor:

1."My situationship of six months ended when he told me that he 'really wanted someone who will obey him' and he just couldn’t see me doing that. He was absolutely right."

"right to jail. right away"

2.“He told me, 'I’m a MAN! You need to let me be a MAN!!' Mind you, this 'man' was living rent-free in one of his mom’s rental properties. 🙄"


3."I was in a situationship with this guy, and when I called him out on the fact that we were dating without the official title, he said that he wasn’t ready for me to meet his friends or family because he would be embarrassed. I'm a plus-size person, and I jokingly replied, 'Why? Is it because I’m fat?' He got really quiet, started apologizing, and then got up and left. I let him leave. The fact that he was embarrassed about my appearance was his problem, not mine."


4."He said, 'I don't want to f*ck one p*ssy for the rest of my life,' but he still wanted me to pay half the rent."

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5."I got the 'I'm planning to move countries soon' excuse from TWO different guys. Both of them are still here, and it's been years. Dude...if you don't want to date, then just say so. There's no need to make up an excuse."


6."After I asked if we were being exclusive, a man (in his mid-40s!) told me, 'EVERY man has multiple girlfriends at the same time throughout his entire life, if you can't handle that, then you're immature.' I wasn't keen on being number five and 'grateful for whatever time he could spare.'"


7."'My wife has arranged marriage counseling.' Umm, excuse me?! What f*cking wife???"

Gretchen saying "Who?" in "Mean Girls"

8."I'm from the UK, and an American man I was seeing kept [telling] me that he wanted to have a stable job before we could officially ‘be together.’ Turns out, he was only working here temporarily and was going back to the US because he was getting married! Last I heard, she found out that he slept with someone else in their hometown, and she didn’t marry him."


9."'I am Asian and you're white. I could only be exclusive with an Asian girl.' 🤷‍♀️"


10."I was told, 'You're the kind of girl someone marries, not dates.' ... What?"

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11."I was casually dating them for about six months. They refused to introduce me to their friend group or tell them about me because they 'didn’t think they’d care.'"


12."My fiancé dumped me six months after we got engaged because apparently three years away was too soon to get married."


13."I believed that we were in a relationship for a looooong time until he dropped a bomb on me that we were, in fact, NOT 'boyfriend and girlfriend' because I hadn’t met his mother who needed to approve. He also said that if she didn’t, then we were done. Just flat out done. I also need to mention that we were in our mid-20s, not teenagers."

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14."He told me, 'I just don't know *for sure* if you're the one that God has intended for me, and trying to make that decision myself would be blasphemous.' Ew."


15."Sometimes I just need some 'strange.'"


Let me know in the comments what cringeworthy excuse a man has given you for refusing to be exclusive in a relationship! I'll start deep breathing now.