People Are Sharing Their Worst-Ever Roommate Stories, And Oh My God, Some Of These Are So Disgusting

I'm convinced that everybody has at least one truly horrible, haunting roommate story, and if there's one thing about me, I love to hear the gossip. So I decided to ask our very own BuzzFeed Community about their roommate experiences — and my god, they blew my expectations out of the water. Seriously, I am concerned for some of you. Here are some of the worst:

David from Schitt's Creek saying "Oh my god"

1."She was a pig. She asked to borrow my suitcase. When I found it in the basement three months later, it was full of garbage. When asked about it, she responded with, 'I was going to throw it out...eventually.'"

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2."Sophomore year of college, I was randomly assigned a roommate. She seemed nice enough. One day, I started noticing that some of my snacks had disappeared. No big deal. I confronted her about it and she denied stealing them. Later, I noticed that some cash (around $100) I'd had in my wallet at the back of my closet had gone missing."

Many snacks in a crammed closet

3."I had a roommate who was so gross. Here are some examples, from what I remember: She threw her tampon into my garbage can without a garbage bag in it. She ate hot dogs out of the fridge as a snack. She never cleaned her room, and left her worn underwear right by the door. She let her boyfriend basically move in, and he would shave and not clean up his hairs from the sink."

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4."I moved into a small college apartment for two very long years with my childhood best friend — let's call her Jenny — and her high school best friend, Linda. It started off amazing, and I actually became best friends with Linda, but eventually, her true nature began to show. It started with small things, like getting mad at me for never doing the dishes when none of the dishes were mine. She then began refusing to clean up after her cat when it shat on the floor."

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5."We were friends before we roomed together, and her place was always a mess, but she SWORE it would be different when we moved in together. It wasn’t."

"She never cleaned a dish — bad enough. But she was convinced if you shoved your dirty tissues between the couch cushions, they disappeared. It was my couch. When I moved out, it was FULL of used tissues. 🤢 We no longer speak."


6."I was in the Navy back in the '80s and got a place with a bunch of my drunken, numbskull friends. Where do I begin? Because they were definitely competing to out-stupid each other. Let's start with cutting open glow sticks and spraying the toxic chemicals around the apartment to make everything glow. They left little melted spots on the linoleum and formica and our motorcycle helmets. They also stained the walls and carpet."

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7."This happened to a friend of mine, but it's incredible. They had a roommate who was very unpleasant — loud at night, invited people over at all hours, took drugs in the communal spaces, the whole lot — and when they finally kicked her out, her last act was to wipe literal feces across the bathroom furnishings and tiles with her hands. Absolutely unbelievable behavior. As far as I know, no one else from the apartment has heard from her since."

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8."In the early 2000s, I was renting a room in a nice, upscale house in Walnut Creek, California, that rented rooms to college students. One day I came home after class to find one of my roommates 'cutting up' an entire raw chicken on the bare kitchen counter, which was made of cream tile with white grout. He was not doing a good job of it and was using a very dull knife."

Close-up of raw chicken on a wood surface

9."My ex-fiancé and I had a roommate for a while. This roommate and I were childhood friends, and I was letting her room with us while she got on her feet. Well, my fiancé and I split but were still friendly, and I didn't kick him out right away. She thought I was leaving him for her! When she found out I wasn't, she smeared blood all over her room and attacked me. I had to get the cops involved. She was five months behind on rent, so it wasn't too hard to kick her out. I love living alone now."

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10."I lived with my cousin and her husband when moving out of state. They separated while my now-husband and I were living there and expecting a baby, and we continued to live with her now-former husband and their kid. He hardly worked and never paid for anything."

"When we had our baby and got our own place, we moved with almost no notice (sorry, not sorry), and then she texted me saying we must have stolen their silverware. I said that we didn’t and that we only had what I moved in with, but she didn’t believe me and said, 'You’re preventing my child from being fed.' This led to us not speaking for several years afterward and still having a strained relationship 10-plus years later."


11."I moved in with a friend in nursing school, and we both worked at the same hospital. It started out fine, until she started using my dishes and not washing them. Then, when I confronted her, she started hiding the remote to the living room TV (which was hers) and dumping hole-punch dots on my bed. Fast-forward to endless parties until 3 a.m., knowing I had to work at 7!"

David from Schitt's Creek looking horrified

12."One of my housemates at university didn't know how to cook pasta when we first moved in. He also gave up on proper plates and cutlery about two months in, leaving them to rot in the sink while he used disposable cutlery. The final straw was when I went to mop after he threw a house party (and didn't tidy up) and I found vomit in the mop bucket. I don't know how old it was. I couldn't wait to move out after that."

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13."Mine was just kinda weird. She was very obsessed with everything being spotless, wanted people to help her clean, but got upset when people didn’t clean as intensely as she did. When she would get stressed, she would rearrange and organize things. Fine for her room, but really annoying when it’s the kitchen for the third time this week and all I need is a bowl and a spoon."


14."I had a roommate who was a self-proclaimed 'nymphomaniac.' What should have been a red flag was all the nude photos she had, of herself, all around the house."

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15."One of my roommates puked in the living room, hallway, and bathroom when she was sick with the flu. She promptly left to go to her boyfriend’s house, leaving me to clean up after her."


16."My first roommate had 27 differently scented body washes, sprays, moisturizers, etc. — and she used every single one of them every day. Everything stank to high heaven, including me and my clothes when I left the room."

Different shower gels, mists, and creams


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17.And finally, maybe the weirdest one yet: "I am in a co-living/apartment share situation with several roommates in France, and we have this weird roommate. The weirdest thing he has ever done is invite his mom to come over for a New Year's party, and they stayed in his bedroom for over 24 hours without coming out: not eating, not cooking, nor going out to pee."

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Well, these were wild, and made me very grateful for my present living situation. If you've ever lived with a horrible roommate, feel free to vent about them in the comments. Or, if you want, you can vent anonymously via this Google form. Your story may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.