People can’t get enough of Paul Mescal’s ‘godly’ mullet

There’s a new star in town, and it’s Paul Mescal’s mullet.

The Oscar-nominated actor turned heads at the 76th British Academy Film Awards on Sunday evening with his rocker-chic hairstyle. The Aftersun star’s mullet was on full display, along with his custom, double-breasted Gucci suit which he embellished with a 1930s Cartier brooch pinned on the lapel.

Although Paul Mescal debuted his shaggy mullet last year, his latest slate of red carpet appearances has prompted fans on the internet to thirst over the Irish actor’s hairstyle once more.

“paul mescal might be the only dude who can pull off the mullet i meant that for real,” tweeted one fan after the Normal People star’s BAFTAs appearance on 19 February.

“It’s the most perfect micromullet ever I can’t take it,” another user wrote, alongside a screenshot of Mescal’s hairstyle.

“Paul Mescal: the ONLY man I will accept a mullet on,” said someone else.

For others, the mullet-love runs a bit deeper, like one fan who tweeted: “paul mescal makes the short mullet look godly. if we were in a period piece i would follow him into battle.”

Another wrote: “paul mescal makes me feel things especially with a moustache and mullet whew”

However, it seems it may take more effort to convince people that the once-loved ‘80s look has made a comeback, like one user who tweeted: “Can Paul Mescal get rid of the mullet please?”

The 27-year-old actor, who was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 2023 BAFTAs, also wowed fans on Sunday when he spoke fluent Irish during a red carpet interview. In a translated version of the interview, Mescal apologised to the journalist for his Irish but she reassured him, “Your Irish is perfect”.

Following the night’s events, a clip of Mescal’s fluent Irish circulated on social media, as many fans praised him for speaking the language “without fear”.