What is the ‘This is perfect – perfect, perfect, perfect’ TikTok sound all about?

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If you’ve been scrolling through your FYP a lot lately, the sound “This is perfect — perfect, perfect, perfect” probably lives in your head rent-free.

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For the uninitiated, the viral snippet of a child saying the phrase as if they were an evil villain is TikTok’s latest obsession. The original video has since been deleted so there is a bit of mystery about the context of the sound. While some say it’s a little girl talking to herself who doesn’t know someone is recording, others seem to believe it’s audio from Netflix’s Inventing Anna series.

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After it was deleted, the sound was re-uploaded by @hope_schwing where it received 4.8 million views. The sound has since been used in over 63,000 videos.

TikTokers are using the sound to describe everything they love and, of course, all those not-so-perfect moments in life.

“Fresh out the shower on holiday, head to toe in after sun and eating an entire packet of Lays before dinner,” @lilyewenfitness wrote in the caption.

“When you wake up to a period stain because your pad moved over in the night,” @wizqueifa_ said in a video.

“Eating buttered noodles with parmesan for the millionth time in my life,” @foodsofjane said, rejoicing over the tradition.

“When the nail tech asks if you like your nails but you don’t… but you also don’t want to tell them,” @jenisahmora wrote in a caption.

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