Pete Davidson got his mum same Mother’s Day present eight years in a row

Pete Davidson got his mum the same Mother’s Day present eight years in a row.

The comic, 29, made the admission when he joined his mother Amy for a chat in the new issue of ‘Good Housekeeping’ in which they reminisced about his childhood – saying his repeat gift was Britney Spears’ perfume.

Pete, whose firefighter dad Scott died during the 9/11 terror attack with the rest of his unit, said: “Mother’s Day is an important holiday in my household. We’re a close family, and growing up, my sister and I always tried to make things special, although I wasn’t always good at it.

“I’m pretty sure I bought her the same Britney Spears perfume eight years in a row… happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there filling the role of Mom. “Whatever amount of credit you’re getting, it's not enough.”

Amy said even though she never wore the perfume, she believes it’s the thought that counts.

She added: “Pete and his sister, Casey, have done a lot for me over the years.

“As children, they would always wake me up with breakfast in bed.

“One Mother’s Day, Pete outdid himself and made me an entire croquembouche.

“It was unimaginable, like something out of an exotic French bakery! A beautiful tower of cream puffs drizzled with chocolate caramel! It was mind-blowing and how I knew my little boy had something special, if this was what he could pull off when he focused his love and energy.”

Pete’s new show ‘Bupkis’, which premiered on 4 May on Peacock is based on his real life and features Edie Falco, 59, as his mother and Joe Pesci, 80, with Pete playing himself.

He added about how his mum caught him out with a Eminem CD she had banned from the house: “When I was younger, I bought the uncensored ‘Eminem Show’ CD, which of course I wasn’t allowed to have, so I kept it in a Rod Stewart jewel case.

“My mom noticed, and for years she’d play Rod Stewart to have something we could bond over.

“I’d be sitting in the car and suddenly she’d say, ‘It’s Rod!’ and start singing along to ‘Maggie May’.

“I had to learn the songs just to keep the lie going. I kinda learned to like Rod Stewart.”