Peter Andre Explains How He's Still Being Affected By Covid-19 Symptoms

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Peter Andre has revealed he is still feeling the effects of Covid-19, weeks after first contracting coronavirus.

Earlier this month, a spokesperson for the Mysterious Girl singer confirmed that he had tested positive for Covid, saying at the time he was “coping well with it and staying positive”.

On Tuesday, Peter gave his first interview about his illness on Good Morning Britain, appearing alongside his wife Emily, who is a doctor, and tested positive for coronavirus herself over the summer.

Speaking from his family home, he told presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan that he still has no sense of smell, and can easily get out of breath.

Peter and Emily Andre appearing on Tuesday's Good Morning Britain (Photo: ITV)
Peter and Emily Andre appearing on Tuesday's Good Morning Britain (Photo: ITV)

“It’s quite unbelievable because everyone has different symptoms,” Pete explained.

“I think one of the key things I wanted to say was don’t ignore your symptoms, because they’re not all going to be the same.”

Emily then admitted she and her husband initially questioned whether he even had Covid, as his symptoms were “not textbook”.

“It was a lesson for both of us, really,” Emily said. “To be vigilant of your symptoms.”

Peter went on to say that while he didn’t have a temperature, he experienced “body aches” and “a cough”, adding: “It wasn’t as persistent as what I’d been told, but it was persistent enough that we thought we should go and get it checked.

“But the key thing about that was once I went and got the test, we self-isolated for 10 days, so we knew that once we got the positive result, in that 10 days, we could not infect anyone else.

“That was massive for us, and it just goes to show that had we not gone and got tested… and there were a couple of days it was very unpleasant, but people have had it far worse than me. One of my cousins is still on oxygen now and he was sick before me. It just goes to show that everyone has got different symptoms. You can’t ignore it.”

Explaining how he’s still being affected by his recent Covid diagnosis, Peter added: “I still have no sense of smell and I went on a small bike ride yesterday and I was completely puffed out… I am 47, I exercise, I feel quite good and yet I have a doctor in the house and had nights where I would wake up and feel like I was finding it hard to breathe.

“Emily was like, ‘Calm down, a lot of it is anxiety’.”

In recent weeks, a number of stars have spoken out about how they’ve been affected by coronavirus, including comedian John Bishop, who described it as “the worst illness I’ve ever had”.

Similarly, reality star Kerry Katona said she’d “never felt so poorly” after testing positive for Covid-19, while talk show host Ellen Degeneres has said she’s also still experiencing aches as a result of the virus.

Good Morning Britain airs every weekday from 6am on ITV.


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