Peter Capaldi confirms he won't return to Doctor Who

The Twelfth Doctor’s days are numbered…

And Peter Capaldi says he won’t be returning to ‘Doctor Who’ once he’s gone.

During the BAFTA Cymru Awards, I caught up with ‘Doctor Who’ star Peter Capaldi, and asked whether he would be interested in reprising his role, much like David Tennant did for the 50th Anniversary.

But he isn’t planning to rematerialise once his final episode has aired.

“I think it’s good to be done, you know?” he said. “I mean, I would just like to be gone. I think there’s far too much revisiting of things in the world.”

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The 50th Anniversary episode, titled ‘The Day of the Doctor’ saw both Matt Smith and David Tennant appear on screen together as the Tenth and Eleventh doctors… and even saw a never before seen incarnation of the Doctor – The War Doctor – played by the legendary John Hurt.

But Peter Capaldi isn’t keen on anything like that.

And it seems there’s no going back once he’s gone.

“I think things exist in the memory far more powerfully,” he explained. “Case in point – I have a very deep affection for [the First Doctor] William Hartnell – he exists very powerfully in my memory. But if I go back, and sit and look at some of those episodes, then sometimes they’re not as good as I remember. So, why waste a good memory?”

Peter Capaldi is due to appear in his final episode.

The upcoming Christmas Special marks the end of the Twelfth Doctor’s run, with newcomer Jodie Whittaker set to take control of the TARDIS – presumably at the conclusion of the new episode. It also sees him star alongside the very First Doctor – originally played by William Hartnell, but in this instance played by David Bradley.

But while Peter Capaldi clearly wants a clean exit from the show, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t fond of it. In fact, he’s had a pretty wonderful experience as the Twelfth Doctor.

“It’s been great,” he said. “I mean, I’ve loved it. It’s just a wonderful job. There’s nothing else like it, is there? There are no monster shows left in the world. I think they’re great fun to do.”

“Doctor Who, in particular, is very special because it has such a warm place in people’s hearts. It’s great to turn up for work in the morning and find yourself stepping out of the TARDIS…”

‘Doctor Who’ returns to BBC One on 25 December 2017.

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