Peter Dinklage says new film Cyrano teaches ‘not to hide in the face of love’

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Peter Dinklage has said his new film Cyrano should be taken as a cautionary tale to not “hide behind anything in the face of love”.

The Game Of Thrones star, 52, plays the lead role of Cyrano de Bergerac in the musical romcom, which is an adaptation of the 1897 French play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand.

His character, a wordsmith, becomes entangled in a love triangle when he is too self-conscious to pursue the woman he is in love with, Roxanne – played by Hayley Bennett, and instead helps a young man Christian (Kelvin Harrison Jr) win her heart by writing love letters on his behalf.

UK Premiere of Cyrano – London
Kelvin Harrison Jr, Haley Bennett and Peter Dinklage are caught up in a love triangle in Cyrano (Ian West/PA)

Discussing the movie’s message, Dinklage told the PA news agency: “Don’t hide behind anything in the face of love.

“People are doing that now more so than ever with online profiles of themselves.

“I think we should take this as a cautionary tale not to have to hide who you really are because if someone loves you truly, they’ll accept every bit of you.”

The actor said that he feels people “need a story like this” after everyone has had a “rough couple of years” with the pandemic.

He added: “This is a throwback to a classic story told with just a genuine huge heart. It’s a musical, what can transport you out of a dark time more than a musical.”

Dinklage reflected on his experience with the romantic drama film and said it was a “wild ride” and a unique opportunity for an actor to see a movie develop from adaptation through to onscreen.

His wife Erica Schmidt wrote the screenplay, which was based on her 2018 stage musical of the same name.

UK Premiere of Cyrano – London
Cyrano will be released in cinemas on January 14. (Ian West/PA)

Also speaking on the red carpet of the movie’s UK premiere in central London, Bennett told PA: “I think it’s important to be able to show our true selves, to find people and love people and show love to people that we can be our true selves with.”

The film is directed by Joe Wright, who has previously worked on period pieces including Pride and Prejudice in 2005 and 2012’s Anna Karenina. Wright has been in a relationship with Bennett since 2018 and they have a child together.

Bennett explained that “not a lot changed” from the theatre production to the screen adaptation, except that they were in the “incredible fantastical mind” of Wright.

UK Premiere of Cyrano – London
Actress Haley Bennett and director Joe Wright on the red carpet on the movie’s UK premiere (Ian West/PA)

Harrison Jr also expressed how he never thought he would be in a movie like this, and said Wright was “fantastic” as a director.

He added: “He just has such a great attention to detail and it’s such a refreshing thing to have as a director, it makes my job so much easier to show up and also challenges me in different ways.

“Joe’s special and I think this is one of his best films that he has made in a while.”

The soundtrack to the film features music written and composed by The National musicians Bryce Dessner and Aaron Dessner.

It will feature vocals from Dinklage, Bennet and Harrison Jr, as well as performances from the London Contemporary Orchestra and pianist Vikingur Olafsson.

Cyrano will be released in cinemas from January 14.

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