Phil Lord Perfectly Responds To The Lego Movie Oscar Snub

On Thursday it was revealed that ‘The Lego Movie’ shockingly hadn’t received an Academy Award nomination for best animated feature.

This snub was met with dismay by moviegoers from across the world, and it turns out that ‘The Lego Movie’s’ co-directors and writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller were equally furious with the decision.


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But rather than sitting at home and weeping about their omission, the duo took to Twitter to turn their fury into beauty. In fact Phil Lord’s response to the Academy was simply perfect.

Meanwhile Chris Miller also revealed his disappointment at missing out on an Oscar nomination by delightfully making reference to the fact that ‘The Lego Movie’s’ Everything Is Awesome is in line for best original song at the ceremony next month. 

Phil Lord ultimately tried to downplay this supposed atrocity by insisting that their lack of an Academy Award nomination was far from a tragedy, and that it won’t affect the film’s status as an animated classic.

‘The Lego Movie’ was beaten to the available animation nominations by ‘Big Hero 6’, ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’, ‘The Boxtrolls’, ‘Song of the Sea’ and ‘The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.‘

It’s particularly hard to stomach the fact that ‘The Lego Movie’ didn’t receive an Oscar nomination.

Not only was it lavished with praise by critics and audiences alike, but it managed to be constantly amusing, delightfully surprising and deeply touching too.

In fact it currently holds a 96% “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, plus it also amassed $468.8 million at the box office.

However, for some reason, the Academy clearly took umbrage with ‘The Lego Movie’ deciding that it wasn’t good enough to be recognised. It’s plainly obvious to all though that they were insanely.

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Picture Credit: Warner Bros.