Who Is Philip Rivers' Wife? All About Tiffany Rivers

Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers were high school sweethearts

NC State Football Twitter Phillip Rivers, his wife Tiffany Rivers, and their daughter, Halle, posing
NC State Football Twitter Phillip Rivers, his wife Tiffany Rivers, and their daughter, Halle, posing

Philip Rivers has been married to his wife, Tiffany Rivers, since 2001.

Philip met Tiffany in middle school and they began dating in high school, before deciding to attend North Carolina State University together years later. During their college years, Philip was the starting quarterback for the team, while Tiffany focused on her studies and had a job working with children.

When they were still in college, Philip and Tiffany welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Halle, on July 6, 2002. They added eight more children (Caroline, Grace, Gunner, Sarah, Peter, Rebecca, Clare and Anna) to their family and are currently expecting their 10th child.

In March 2019, Philip spoke about what a "steady" mom and wife Tiffany is in during an interview with the Los Angeles Chargers.

"Our family wouldn't be what it is without her. She provides a great steadiness for all of us," he said. "She's great for me also from a football standpoint as far as balancing my energy and passion I have for football. And she's the same with our family."

He added: "Through all the ups and downs that comes with football, and all the commitments that I obviously have, I can't imagine doing this without her. There's no way I could do it without her."

So, who is Philip Rivers’ wife? Here’s everything to know about Tiffany Rivers and her relationship with the NFL alum.

They are high school sweethearts

<p>Rob Carr/Getty</p> Philip Rivers #17 of the Los Angeles Chargers smiling in uniform

Rob Carr/Getty

Philip Rivers #17 of the Los Angeles Chargers smiling in uniform

Tiffany met Philip while they were in middle school in Alabama together. He credits her for bringing out the best in him and helping mold him to be the person he wanted to become.

“With Tiffany, I remember pointing her out at a ballgame at the ball field when I was young,” he recalled in an interview with The Chastity Project. “But I remember telling my mom, ‘Hey Mom, see that girl over there, she’s a good girl.’ And she was centered on faith and Christ. She had those values that I was looking for.”

Philip shared that at the core of their relationship is a strong friendship.

“We’re best friends. That to me has been the key,” he told Chargers.com of their relationship and how it has continued to grow. “Whenever it gets kind of crazy, we’ll figure it out together. She’s awesome.”

She converted to Catholicism before their wedding

Philip grew up in the Catholic Church and credits his mother for getting him involved in his faith as a teen. In North Alabama, they were the minority, with just 15 in his Confirmation class.

However, he credits his wife with keeping him accountable and engaged in his religion in his adulthood.

“My wife had a lot to do with it, she’s a convert and she actually became Catholic the day before we got married," Philip told Life Teen (via The Christian Post) of continuing to attend church while in the NFL. "There’s so many gifts from the Faith to appreciate and it strikes people differently, but the one-ness of the Church wherever you are, Raleigh, San Diego, Alabama. Every place we were was home because the Catholic Church is the same everywhere."

She wed Philip while in college

Philip and Tiffany wed in 2001 — when he was 19 and she was 18 — in a traditional church ceremony to honor their faith. At the time, they were both studying at North Carolina State University.

The couple also decided to wait to have sex until marriage.

“Remaining pure, being chaste, was very important to us,” Philip told The Christian Post. “Obviously there wouldn’t be many other reasons to get married at that point. I didn’t have a penny to my name.”

They started their family while in college

During college, Philip played football for the university as a quarterback in addition to his studies. Meanwhile, Tiffany studied and worked at a daycare while pregnant with their first child, Halle.

“Our relationship is key, too, in raising a big family, because we were best friends first,” Philip told the Indy Star. “My wife, she always says I’m the head and she’s the heart ... I think you need that balance.”

Of their family size, he added: “I think really, it was just whatever God’s will was. We were just open. Certainly didn’t have a number on it. Still don’t.”

She will soon be a mother of 10 children

<p>Phillip Rivers/LA Chargers</p> Phillip Rivers' kids posing together

Phillip Rivers/LA Chargers

Phillip Rivers' kids posing together

Tiffany is expecting her 10th child with Philip in the fall of 2023. Philip's mother and grandfather both were one of nine children, so he thought his family would be the third generation with nine little ones. But "God decided" they would have more, he told AL.com.

“We’ve had one pretty much every two years and now this is the longest gap,” Philip said in July 2023. “We are all fired up. Everyone was pulling for a boy. Even our girls wanted a boy.”

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Currently, they have seven daughters, Halle, Caroline, Grace, Sarah, Rebecca, Clare and Anna, along with two sons, Gunner and River.

“[Halle] reminds me, big-time, of her mom, which is a big compliment,” Philip told the Indy Star of his eldest daughter and Tiffany. “The biggest compliment I can probably give.”

Tiffany described her husband as a “selfless” father, per Chargers.com.

She added of her best parenting advice: "I guess one thing that we love to do is just talk to our kids a lot so we kind of know where they're at and what's going on in all their lives.”

She is a swimwear designer

Tiffany co-founded a swimwear line called Hermoza alongside Marisa De Lecce. It came about after the friends discussed how hard it was to find functional and modest swimwear. Each swimsuit retails between $100 and $200, and the majority are one-piece suits.

Marisa explained to WWD that their goal is to “really enhance the dignity of who you are as a woman instead of overly sexualizing you."

She explained, "What we also hold dear to our hearts is showing the beauty of a woman, looking at her and not just objectifying her and seeing parts of her.”

She is a philanthropist

In 2009, Philip and Tiffany created the Rivers of Hope Foundation to help orphaned and foster children find loving homes. The nonprofit raised over $1 million to assist foster care agencies until its closure in 2013.

"Tiffany and I are honored to be involved in bringing hope and awareness to the plight of foster children in San Diego County. But now we want to broaden our focus and take a behind-the-scenes approach to helping children," Philip said in a statement at the time, per CBS 8.

The statement continued: "Tiffany and I have seen great things happen in the last four years with the public foundation, and now we want to expand our personal efforts for these purposes. It takes us out of the public eye and puts the kids center-stage.”

The couple still maintains the Rivers of Hope Birthday Club, for which children waiting to be adopted get a $25 gift card on their birthday.

Philip and Tiffany also support Camp Connect, a program that brings together siblings separated in foster care for a day at Whispering Winds Camp.

She is passionate about raising money for diabetes research

LA Chargers Twitter Phillip Rivers' kids Gunner and Halle Rivers posing and smiling
LA Chargers Twitter Phillip Rivers' kids Gunner and Halle Rivers posing and smiling

In 2019, Tiffany, with the support of Philip, launched a “Change the Game” campaign to benefit diabetes research.

Hermoza customers who purchased any of the company's products saw 100% of proceeds going toward JDRF, Insulin for Life or Diabetes Research Connection. Customers also entered a raffle to win field seats to a Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders game and meet with Philip.

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The cause is personal to the couple as their son, Gunner, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 5. Tiffany told PEOPLE in November 2019 that diabetes care is part of their everyday reality.

“He’ll do injections every time he eats anything that has a carb in it,” Tiffany explained of his around-the-clock care. “He’s really steady with it, and it’s just become part of our life.”

Philip added: “What we’ve learned through our experience is that these kids are warriors. We have seen first hand the tremendous responsibility it is for these children to have the discipline to manage the disease with the support of family, and their health providers to live their best lives.”

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