Phillip Schofield makes dig at Claudia Winkleman's make-up range on This Morning

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK

Phillip Schofield made a catty dig at Claudia Winkleman on This Morning, claiming if he saw her make-up in a shop, “I wouldn’t know who Claudia was”.

Beauty presenter Sarah Jossel was talking hosts Schofield and Holly Willoughby through her top picks from celebrity make-up ranges when she showed them “Full Panda by Claudia”, as a way for viewers to recreate the Strictly Come Dancing presenter’s signature black eyeliner.

Schofield frowned: “It’s funny though because unless you knew what you were looking for, if you saw that in the shop, you wouldn’t know it was Claudia Winkleman...

“Full Panda by Claudia - I wouldn’t know who Claudia was!”

He then made a dismissive hand gesture.

Phillip Schofield said he wouldn't know which Claudia they were taling about (Credit: ITV)

Winkleman - who has co-presented BBC dance show Strictly with Tess Daly since 2012 - is the highest paid woman at the BBC earning between £450,000–499,999 per year, according to figures released earlier this year.

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She is well known for her dusky eyed make-up look and heavy fringe.

Schofield, 57, and Winkleman, 47, worked together in 1997 on ITV gameshow Talking Telephone Numbers.

Claudia Winkleman's panda eyes are her sinature look (Credit: Getty Images for Centrepoint)

Schofield once recalled how they both narrowly escaped death on the show when they were almost struck on the heads by falling set pieces during rehearsal.

He revealed to Willoughby during a live episode of This Morning in 2016: “We were standing a bit further apart than you would normally do in a rehearsal and we were just chatting away reading through the lines and stuff.

Claudia Winkleman and Phillip Schofield hosted Talking Telephone Numbers together in 1997 (Credit: ITV)

And at one point in the show there was a big drop box up in the roof of the studio which was going to open up and drop confetti.

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“We got to that bit in the script, and somebody pressed the button and opened the drop box which was right up in the roof but was full of chains and winch gear, and as the drop box opened all of the chains and the winches and the big pulley dropped between us.

“You felt the draught as it went through. It chipped the floor, the studio floor is still chipped. And that was our lucky day, Claudia Winkleman and I.”