Where was 'Irish Wish' filmed? Photos show what 6 locations look like in real life

Ed Speleers as James Thomas and Lindsay Lohan as Maddie Kelly in "Irish Wish."
Ed Speleers as James Thomas and Lindsay Lohan as Maddie Kelly in "Irish Wish."Netflix
  • "Irish Wish," out now on Netflix, is Lindsay Lohan's latest romantic comedy.

  • It follows the American editor Maddie, played by Lohan, as she attends a crush's wedding in Ireland.

  • Here's what the beautiful Irish settings in the movie look like in real life.

"Irish Wish," Netflix's latest movie starring Lindsay Lohan, transports viewers to the stunning views of Ireland's mountains, lakes, and sea cliffs.

The new rom-com follows Maddie, played by Lohan, an American editor with a major crush on her client, Paul Kennedy, played by Alexander Vlahos. When Paul falls for Maddie's best friend, Emma, played by Elizabeth Tan, Maddie is forced to attend their wedding in Paul's home country, Ireland. Chaos ensues when Maddie makes a wish to be Paul's fiancée and it comes true.

Janeen Damian, the director behind Lohan's other Netflix rom-com, "Falling for Christmas," directed "Irish Wish."

"Falling For Christmas" was an immediate hit for Netflix and spent six weeks on the streamer's top 10 most-watched movie list in 2022. Such was the hype around Lohan that she signed a two-picture deal with Netflix to produce and star in two more holiday-themed movies for the streamer before "Falling for Christmas" was even released.

"Irish Wish" is one of the movies; the other, "Our Little Secret," will be released later this year and stars Kristin Chenoweth and Chris Parnell.

Here's what the locations look like in real life.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for "Irish Wish," available to stream on Netflix.

Maddie lands in County Mayo, in west Ireland, at the beginning of the movie.

Cronin's Sheebeen in "Irish Wish" and in real life.
Cronin's Sheebeen in "Irish Wish" and in real life.Netflix / Google Maps Street View

When Maddie, Paul, Emma, and their friend Heather, played by Ayesha Curry, fly from New York to Ireland, they land at Ireland West Airport, also known as Knock Airport.

According to Google Flights, a weeklong economy-class round-trip ticket from New York to Knock Airport starts at $954.

After losing her bag, Maddie takes a bus from the airport to Paul's family home, Kennedy Estate.

On the way, she passes Cronin's Sheebeen, an award-winning pub in County Mayo, where Knock Airport is. It's just under an hour's drive from Knock Airport.

Paul's family home is Killruddery House on Ireland's east coast.

Killrudery House in "Irish Wish" and real life.
Killruddery House in "Irish Wish" and in real life.Netflix / Google Maps Street View

Maddie eventually gets to Kennedy Estate, which, in real life, is called Killruddery House, an 800-acre privately owned estate.

Killruddery House was rebuilt in 1651 after a fire destroyed the original in 1645. The Brabazon family has owned the house since 1618 and it's under the stewardship of Anthony and Fionnuala Brabazon, the Lord and Lady Ardee. The private property can be booked for weddings, events, and films.

Anthony Brabazon told RTE in March 2023 that Killruddery House hosts roughly 25 weddings a year.

A drive from Knock Airport to Killruddery House would take almost three hours because it's in County Wicklow, on the east coast of Ireland. The trip to Killruddery House from the airport would be in the opposite direction of Cronin's Sheebeen, so Maddie's journey does not really make sense.

Lough Tay is also in County Wicklow and is nearly a half-hour drive from Killruddery House.

Lough Tay in "Irish Wish" and in real life.Netflix / Google Maps Street View.
Lough Tay in "Irish Wish" and in real life.Netflix / Dawid Kalisinski Photography / iStock / Getty Images Plus

In the film, the wedding party has a picnic by a lake before the big day. They visit Lough Tay, a lake in Wicklow. It is there when the magical mayhem begins after Maddie makes a wish to the Irish saint Brigid, played by Dawn Bradfield.

Lough Tay is part of the Guinness Estate, meaning it's privately owned, and the public can only view it from the Sally Gap mountain pathway.

The Irish Times reported that Italian Count Luca Rinaldo Contardo Padulli di Vighignolo bought the property in 2019, but the publication estimated that he paid less than the property's over $30 million price tag.

Though Scruffy Murphy's is real, the pub in 'Irish Wish' is an amalgamation of two buildings in Ireland.

Scruffy Murphy's in "Irish Wish" and Matt Molloy's in Ireland.
Scruffy Murphy's in "Irish Wish" and Matt Molloy's in Ireland.Netflix / Google Maps Street View

At least four scenes in "Irish Wish" play out in or around a pub called Scruffy Murphy's. While this is the name of numerous Irish pubs in and outside Ireland, the "Irish Wish" pub is completely fictional.

RTE reported that the crew used Matt Molloy's in County Mayo for the exterior shots of Scruffy Murphy's. The interior scenes were shot in the Hollywood Inn and Tutty's of Hollywood, two pubs situated next to each other in County Wicklow.

There are numerous scenes in Westport, which is in County Mayo.

The Octagon in Westport, Ireland.
Westport in "Irish Wish" and in real life.Netflix / Google Maps Street View

Many "Irish Wish" scenes unfold in a small town in County Mayo called Westport. This is where Maddie reconnects with James Thomas, played by Ed Speleers, a photographer she fights with at Knock Airport. After the magical wish goes awry, Maddie also meets James again in the same town center.

The roundabout area where Maddie falls into James' car is called the Octagon.

West Coast Rare Books, the bookshop James enters in the film, and Westport Florist, the other shop James walks past, are real stores in Westport.

Steffen Kowalsky, the owner of West Coast Rare Books, told Business Insider via email that the "Irish Wish" crew did not change a single part of the store when they came to film the scene.

"It is nice to see that your shop is attractive enough to form the background of a movie," Kowalsky said. "Naturally, it is also good for any business whenever Ireland and/or Westport is introduced to a larger audience."

He added: "The whole shoot took a few hours one morning, and the shop was open as usual in the afternoon. It was an interesting experience."

But the bridal shop where Maddie receives her wedding dress is not real. RTE reported that Kelly's Tweeds & Knitwear in the Octagon was turned into a bridal store for the film.

The Cliffs of Moher are actually in County Clare. It would take more than three hours to drive there from Killruddery House.

The Cliffs of Moher in "Irish Wish" and in real life.
The Cliffs of Moher in "Irish Wish" and in real life.Netflix / George Karbus Photography / Getty Images

The Cliffs of Moher are a scenic coastal area used halfway through the movie and again at the end. James and Maddie visit it together because it's their favorite spot.

The Cliffs of Moher aren't in County Mayo. They are found in County Clare, roughly a 2 ½-hour drive south of Westport.

The Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland's most popular tourist destinations. In 2022, over 1.3 million people visited the site, the majority (41%) coming from the US, the Cliffs of Moher Visitors website says. An adult ticket to the site costs about $7.62.

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