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Hairdressers have reopened in Italy for the first time since lockdown was announced 10 weeks ago.


In pictures: Italy reopens for business after 10-week coronavirus lockdown

Shops, hairdressers and restaurants reopened in Italy on Monday after a 10-week lockdown across the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Almost 32,000 people have died of COVID-19 in Italy, the third-highest death toll in the world after the US and Britain.

Italy was the first European country to impose nationwide restrictions in early March, only permitting an initial relaxation of the rules on May 4, when it allowed factories and parks to reopen.

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Monday’s loosening marked a major step forward on the road to recovery, with unlimited travel allowed in individual regions, friends once again meeting up, and restaurants able to serve customers as long as tables were at least two metres apart.

The Italian government has said it will open up Italy’s borders with Europe and allow free travel between the regions from 3 June.