Pierce Brosnan ‘doesn’t know’ if he’d work with Roman Polanski again in these ‘dangerous times’

Ellie Harrison
·1-min read

Pierce Brosnan has defended his decision to work with Roman Polanski, but said he doesn’t know if he would do it again “in this climate”.

In 2010, the actor starred as a fictional British former prime minister accused of war crimes in Polanski’s thriller The Ghost Writer.

Many actors have been criticised for working with Polanski after the French director was convicted for raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

When asked by The Guardian what he thinks of these criticisms, Brosnan said: “I took to the role and to the part in The Ghost Writer because of the work that Roman has done as an artist, as a director. I didn’t let the rest of his life influence my choice. I had to be honest with myself and know that justice had been done, half undone, and went forth as an actor.”

On whether he would work with Polanski today, he added: “I don’t know if, in this climate, I would have made the same decision, the same choice. These are dangerous times and it’s a very toxic world. I don’t know.”

Polanski’s Best Director win at the César Awards earlier this year prompted walk-outs from “disgusted” actors.

Adele Haenel stood up and left the room, reportedly shouting the word “shame” as she did so.

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