Pierce Brosnan joins Prince Naseem Hamed biopic

Pierce Brosnan has signed on to the Prince Naseem ‘Naz’ Hamed biopic ‘Giant’.

The 70-year-old actor, who is best known for his role as James Bond, will play the boxing great's trainer Brendan Ingle in the movie, while Amir El-Masry is to portray the sportsman himself in the biopic, which is being executive produced by 'Rocky' star Sylvester Stallone.

'Giant' is being written and directed by Rowan Athale and distributed in the UK by Zygi Kamasa’s True Brit Entertainment, and AGC Studios - who will finance and produce the movie - are excited about the "extraordinary" story, particularly with the "powerful" stars on board to tell the team.

AGC Studios Chairman and CEO Stuart Ford said in a statement: “Since commissioning Rowan to write the brilliant screenplay for ‘Giant’ several years ago, we've been passionate about bringing this extraordinary story to the big screen.

“Amir and Pierce will make a powerful lead duo and it's exciting that Zygi and his team at True Brit, with their outstanding career track record in launching the best of British film to audiences, believe as fervently as we do in ‘Giant’s cinematic potential.”

The movie will feature some "incredible" boxing scenes as Rowan tells the story of how Brendan helped guide Naz from his humble beginnings in Sheffield to becoming one of the biggest names in the sport, in the face of Islamophobia and racism.

Zygi said: “Rowan has written a brilliantly entertaining boxing biopic, that spotlights the incredible relationship between Hamed and his trainer Brendan Ingle, and showcases the hugely entertaining style that took ‘Naz’ to global super stardom as world featherweight champion.

“Dramatic, visceral and inspiring with incredible boxing scenes, this is exactly the kind of British film audiences want to see in the cinema and we’re thrilled to be filming in the UK following the new tax credit being introduced to the industry.”

The movie was was originally due to be filmed Malta, but is now set to begin shooting in Leeds, England, later in April after UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced the nation’s new Independent Film Tax Credit, in which studios will receive a 40 per cent tax relief for making movies in the country.