Piers Morgan mocks Jameela Jamil amid claims she has Munchausen's syndrome

Bonnie Christian
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Piers Morgan has mocked Jameela Jamil amid internet "conspiracy theories" that she has Munchausen’s syndrome.

The Good Morning Britain presenter weighed in on a social media storm which centred around Jamil's health claims after she came out as queer.​

Munchausen's is a disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if they have a physical or mental illness when they are in fact not sick.

On Thursday, Morgan shared an article about Jamil saying her peanut allergy had “lessened” as she got older, writing: “IT'S A MIRACLE!

“So happy for you @jameelajamil - hope your other 1,345 virtue-signalling victimhood-craving ailments make similarly miraculous recoveries.”

Jamil hit back saying: “There is no cure for you being a pointless, boring, misogynist p**** sadly.”

In a sarcastic reply, Morgan wrote: “Hi Jameela, lovely to hear from you as always, especially as you battle your latest terrible affliction, Munchausen syndrome.

“I hear it can make ‘victims’ angry & abusive, so I forgive you & wish you well with your treatment.”

The tweet is the latest in an ongoing feud involving the actress following backlash over the announcement that she will be a host on the voguing competition show Legendary.

After people criticised the show for casting a cisgender woman to host the show, Jamil revealed she was queer on Instagram - leading some to question if the star is telling the truth.

Beyond doubting Jamil’s sexuality, one Instagram user also created a viral story that speculated the actress had Munchausen’s.

Jamil, who is also a mental health and body image activist, has previously discussed that she lives with Ehlors-Danlos Syndrome, has had cancer, manages various allergies and has been involved in two separate car accidents while running away from bees.

Apparently referencing the Instagram thread, Jamil slapped down the rumours describing them as "dumb conspiracy theories".

She also tweeted: “If the worst thing you’ve got on me is that I ran away from bees which I have a phobia of, twice in 34 years into the road, when bees and roads are everywhere, so that’s not really an extraordinary story... and my allergies/intolerances lessened as I grew older... then lol.”

The actress later made light of the row, joking: "Now that I have made it to crazy rumour level fame. Let’s start more: I’m not actually south Asian."

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