Piers Morgan criticises government over lockdown changes: 'I can see thousands of strangers in the park but not my sons'

Danny Thompson

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has laid in to Boris Johnson’s amended lockdown plans, saying he “can see thousands of strangers in the park but not my own sons”

The 55-year-old returned to the show on Monday in fiery form after spending last week at home with coronavirus symptoms.

Morgan eventually tested negative, and rejoined GMB the day after the prime minister addressed the country with plans to relax lockdown measures.

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At the start of the show Morgan said: "I feel extremely frustrated by what I watched last night.

itain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson records a televised message to the nation released on May 10, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by No 10 Downing Street via Getty Images)

"I don't know where it leaves us and I don't understand the sequence of events here.

"Boris Johnson clears 15 minutes of primetime Sunday night television to address the nation.

"And you expect when you get that amount of time on a Sunday night at 7 o'clock you would get loads of great detail that clears everything up.

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Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. (ITV)

"Instead we got a load of his usual flim-flam, his bluster, his bellicose, fist-pumping rhetoric. But when it gets to the detail, I don't know where it leaves us."

Johnson’s changes to lockdown were also subject to Morgan’s criticism on Twitter, where he claimed the new rules make "no sense".

He tweeted: "So, the Prime Minister is urging millions of non-essential workers to go out to work - but also telling people we still can't see family or friends even if we maintain the same social distancing rules as non-essential workers at work?

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"Makes no sense. I can drive 100s of miles to sunbathe alongside complete strangers on a beach, maintaining 2m distance – but not see my parents? This is ridiculous.

"I haven't seen two of my sons for 10 weeks. They live 10 minutes away, next to a large common. Am I allowed to go and see them, if I stay 2 metres away? The answer appears to be no, yet I can see 1000s of strangers a day in my local park if I stay 2m away.

"Do I have to get my sons & myself temporary jobs on a building site so I can see them?"

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