Pitch Perfect Co-Stars Anna Camp & Skylar Astin Announce Engagement

‘Pitch Perfect’ co-stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin are getting married, it’s been confirmed, after the acting couple posted the announcement on Instagram.

After co-starring in the 2012 musical movie alongside Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, the engaged couple didn’t appear as on-screen love interests, but romance blossomed for Camp and Astin off-screen, as the pair began dating in June of 2013, and just two years later the couple are set to marry.

But the actors were strictly just friends in the beginning and it didn’t materialise into anything until Camp split from her husband in 2013.

“I asked. She said yes!!!” boasted Astin, as he posted a photo of the couple showing off Camp’s engagement ring, which is wonderful news for fans of the films and personalities.

Both Camp and Astin returned for the 2015 sequel, ‘Pitch Perfect 2′, and it appears the cast will be reuniting before ‘Pitch Perfect 3′ hits cinemas in 2017 when the wedding eventually takes place.

A source told US Weekly that they’d always had a “great connection” and “amazing chemistry” and definitely weren’t getting together while Camp was still married.

There’s no set date yet, but expect wedding bells to ring some time during this year, in what’ll likely be an all-star guest list of attendees.

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Picture credits: Instagram, Barry King/Getty Images