‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Gets His Money on ‘Lip Sync Battle’

On this week’s Lip Sync Battle, Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect went head-to-head with NBA All-Star and Los Angeles Laker Metta World Peace.

Metta kicked off the competition with a performance of Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Membrane,” but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as Skylar’s performance of Skrillex and Diplo’s “Where Are Ü Now” featuring Justin Bieber, which had us beliebing his next performance was going to take the cake.

In round two, Metta took a Roman-gladiator-inspired approach to Katy Perry’s “Roar,” while Chrissy Teigen hilariously rode an animatronic lion. “I’m just thinking about how the fact that the entire first season, everyone is like, ‘What is it that Chrissy does exactly?’ — and this is it, baby. This is it. I just sit on lions, I got a sword,” said Teigen.

It was then up to Skylar to one-up Metta  — and, boy, did he milk his final performance.

Skylar recreated Fergie’s “M.I.L.F. $,” and it was legen-dairy. Even Teigen, who appeared in Fergie’s official music video for the song, couldn’t help but show her sweet gratitude, saying, “I thought this looked familiar, this little set. Thank you so much for respecting the art that is milf money. That was a very culturally important video for me to do. I feel like you respected it,” while she handed out cake.

Lip Sync Battle airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Spike

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