Pitch Perfect star shares a disgusting behind-the-scenes fact

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Pitch Perfect star Shelley Regner has revealed a pretty gross behind-the-scenes detail from the film.

Shelley, who played oft-forgotten Barden Bellas member Ashley in the 2012 movie and its two subsequent sequels, took part in a #PitchPerfectAtHome watch party where she revealed a very grim fact.

As fans will recall, Pitch Perfect saw the Bellas return to competitive a capella following an incident the previous year in which Barden Bellas captain Aubrey (Anna Camp) projectile-vomited all over her microphone on stage during a routine.

And, if you think that microphone got thrown out after being covered in (what we have to assume is) fake vomit, you may want to take a moment.

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Posting to Twitter, Shelley revealed that frather than being resigned to the dumpster, the "puke mic" was used in the rest of the film's performance numbers.


"Fun fact: we used Anna Camp‘s puke mic in all the performance numbers," she wrote. "It wasn't hard to figure out who had the puke mic by the smell."

The truly disgusting revelation follows hopes that a fourth Pitch Perfect movie could soon be in production.

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It follows comments made by Rebel Wilson after a Pitch Perfect Instagram reunion picture made the rounds online and showed cast members holding up four fingers. Ooh exciting!

Let's just hope they throw the puke mic out before production begins, eh?

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