Pitt to join cast of The Counselor

16 March 2012

Brad Pitt is reportedly in talks to take a supporting role in The Counselor.

The Oscar-nominated star, who was previously in the running to play the villain in Ridley Scott's upcoming film, is now said to be considering the role of Westray - "a business associate of the Counselor", reported Twitchfilm.com.

Michael Fassbender is already on board to play the lead character, a respected lawyer who dabbles into the drug business, while Jeremy Renner and Javier Bardem are both still in the running to portray the baddie.

Natalie Portman is apparently in "early discussions" to appear in the film, which has been described as "No Country For Old Men on steroids" and is written by Cormac McCarthy.

Brad - whose performance in Moneyball won him an Oscar nomination for best actor - has upcoming roles in crime drama Killing Them Softly (previously titled Cogan's Trade) and zombie thriller World War Z.

He is set to appear alongside Michael Fassbender in Steve McQueen's Twelve Years A Slave.

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