Are all Pixar films connected?

Gregory Wakeman
Are all Pixar films connected?
Is every Pixar film connected?

Pixar's Easter eggs are a constant source of delight to devotees of the animation genre.

Moviegoers like to scroll through every second and minute of the studios' fourteen movies just so they can reveal to their pals that they have spotted a clue to Pixar's future that others have missed out on.

But what if there was something more to Pixar's hidden gems? What if they weren't just for fun, but they were put there by animators on purpose and indicate that Pixar are actually just telling one epic long story?

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Well, Jon Negroni, a blogger, has devised an entire theory that, he believes, connects every Pixar film together and proves that their entire back catalogue is part of the exact same universe.

Negroni's work starts with 'Brave,' which takes place in the Dark Ages and is Pixar's oldest film, and features talking animals, monsters, objects and machines, as well as a Witch whose magic spells are able to make non-humans possess human abilities.

Negroni believes that the Witch, who is voiced by Julie Walters, is the most important character in Pixar's illustrious history as her powers have paved the way for the likes of 'Ratatouille' and 'Monsters, Inc.' to tell tales that revolve around disputes between humans and non-humans, whilst also attempting to connect different species together.

Negroni's theory delves even deeper, suggesting a reason why there is a Sully Easter egg in 'Brave,' and hypothesising that the tree that grows during the end credits of 'Wall-E' could even play a central role in Pixar's second film, 'A Bug's Life.'

You should read it, because it will literally melt your brain with its wild theories and accusations.

Do you think Jon Negroni is on to something? Should every Pixar character assemble together for an ensemble film just like 'The Avengers'? Clearly the answer is yes.

Gregory Wakeman is a film journalist who has written for Total Film, The Guardian, Yahoo! and The Inquisitr