Are Pixar lining up a Brave sequel?

Gregory Wakeman
Are Pixar lining up a Brave sequel?
Is Merida about to return to cinemas?

Mark Andrews, the filmmaker behind Pixar's 2012 fantasy comedy 'Brave,' has revealed that the animation deities are contemplating a cinematic retort for its star, Merida.

This rumour has started to circulate just days after Pixar announced the follow-up to 2003's roundly acclaimed, and much loved, epic 'Finding Nemo,' provocatively entitled 'Finding Dory.'

Andrews work on 'Brave' was so highly regarded that he was awarded an Oscar earlier this year for his trouble.

It also received mostly positive reviews from critics, but some weren't as impressed, stating that it didn't possess the usual vigour and creativity of Pixar's previous efforts.

Which is a sentiment that I share. 'Brave' became overly convoluted as it progressed and the production problems that blighted its conception, which resulted in its original writer and director, Brenda Chapman, being replaced by Andrews, ultimately ruined it.

Harsh words like that though haven't deterred Andrews from contemplating a return to Brave's world.

Earlier this week he stated, "If I get the right story, it would be fun to get the gang back together again, add a few more characters and find out what other Scottish characters out there are yet to be in a film."

Andrews was speaking in Glasgow where he is currently mentoring students at the city's School of Art for two weeks, and he also added, "When 'Brave' was over, the hardest thing to go through was the withdrawal."

'Brave' tells the story of Merida, voiced by 'Boardwalk Empire's' Kelly Macdonald, a skilled archer from the Scottish Highlands who defies an age-old custom with the help of a witch, which ultimately transforms her mother into a bear. The pair then set off to reverse the spell before it is set in stone forever.

Andrews warned that a 'Brave' sequel is far from a formality though. "We never make a film at Pixar to have a sequel but it's always nice when we do," added Andrews. "If we find the right story then we will, surely. The marketing and success of Brave says you can have one."

What did you think of 'Brave'? Would you like to see a sequel?