Pixar links up all its movies with amazing easter eggs video

Ben Arnold
Lotso… who knew you could see him in Up too? – Credit: Pixar

One of the many wonderful things about Pixar movies is the fact that they’re made not only with love, but with what’s becoming deep-rooted tradition.

And there’s no better way to illustrate this than the wealth secret easter eggs which are slipped in by the filmmakers for the hardcore fans to go in a find.

(Credit: Pixar)

They’re there in all Pixar’s movies, from ‘Brave’ to ‘Monster’s University’, ‘Up’ to ‘Finding Dory’, and a new video, dropped on the ‘Toy Story’ Facebook page, links a whole host of them up rather beautifully.

For example, did you know that Riley from ‘Inside Out’ appears for a split second in ‘Finding Dory’? Or that Forrest, the Styracosaurus from ‘The Good Dinosaur’ appears in ‘Inside Out’? And that Arlo from ‘The Good Dinosaur’ appears as a toy in ‘Monster’s University’?

Or that Skinner’s moped from ‘Ratatouille’ is seen discarded amongst the landfill in ‘Wall-E’? Some of these easter eggs are connections no fan has made before, stuff only the animators themselves would know about.

The intertextuality – as it would be called in academia – is pretty dazzling, and while fans have done the legwork linking the movie’s together in the past, this is a rare admission from the horse’s mouth, as it were, that the Pixar universe is indeed one big mass of interwoven stories and characters.

Next up for the Disney-owned studio will be the sequel ‘Cars 3’, due this summer, followed by Lee Unkrich’s ‘Coco’, based around the Mexican ‘day of the dead’ celebrations, which is due for November, while Brad Bird’s long-awaited sequel to ‘The Incredibles’ is out in June, 2018.

Meanwhile, ‘Toy Story 4’, directed by Pixar legend John Lasseter, is slated for June, 2019.

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