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Pixar perfect: Incredible Pixar cakes

The inventive, edible world of Pixar.

We all love cakes, don't we? Well, for the record, I do. And there's no better combination than movies and cake.

With my best friend's birthday coming up this month, I decided to get her something a little different, or at least look into the idea. With her being both a film buff and massive lover of Pixar, the idea hit me about getting a custom-made birthday cake.

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Incredible detail... Baby Jack Jack and the cast of Cars (Credit: Yahoo!)

What came to my attention were the array of excellent Pixar-inspired cakes that are available. There are some magnificent culinary delights out there. However, rather than inquiring into the standard designs conveyed in simple 2D fashion, I opted to look into the imaginative and creatively mind-blowing ones that're in brilliant 3D.

Here's a selection of the best ones I discovered that perfectly depict the characters from various hits such as 'Cars', 'WALL-E', 'The Incredibles' and 'Up'. Some of the concepts are hugely ambitious. The most difficult ones appear to be those with the minutest of detail. Note the 'Up' one where the immaculate, time-consuming effort that must've gone into it to making it look as visually rich as it is. Even the (apparent) simpler ones like Jack Jack from 'The Incredibles' and Lightening McQueen and Mater from 'Cars' still require huge amounts of talent to make them look spot on.

Convincing confectionary... The WALL-E cake (Credit: Yahoo!)

My favourite has to be the 'WALL-E' one. It's so detailed and instantly grabs your attention with the impressive detail and likeness to its film counterpart. The 'Up' cake is also a stroke of genius. It must have been hugely time consuming to make. Not only does it include a large amount of balloons that need to look like they're floating upwards, but is constructed of several layers of other detail to craft too.

Imaginative... UP! and Toy Story cake - with Marshmallow Styrofoam (Credit: Yahoo!)

Saying that, the 'Toy Story' one is particularly nice with a striking similarity to the iconic characters. I also love the clever touch of using marshmallows to represent pieces of styrofoam. What strikes me with these images is the attention to detail, as well as the inventive nature to create edible exactness.

I'm sure you'll agree that the gallery of photos are all stunning, with some genuinely talented bakers and designers responsible for these head-turning delights. It's just a shame that they end up getting eaten!

N.B. So far, I've still not managed to find, let alone chose one of these glorious cakes, so wish me luck!