Pixar theory: The true identity of Andy's Mum revealed?

Mike P Williams
24 February 2014
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Pixar theory: The true identity of Andy's Mum revealed?

New fan theory will blow your mind (Credit: Pixar)

COMMENT | Theories and, in some extreme cases, conspiracy theories are thrown around where films are concerned. The Pixar world is but a fascinating one that, down to the intended winks of John Lasseter and co, often contain interconnecting imagery and/or characters.

However, a new theory has emerged in regards to the true identity of Andy's Mum from the 'Toy Story' trilogy. Suggested by Jon Negroni (full theory here), who also posed the incredible idea that all Pixar films take place in the same universe, this particular idea is also a compelling one.


I mean, timeline-wise, we've seen Sid grow up from 'Toy Story' to appear in 'Toy Story 3' as a garbage man, so why couldn't this be just as conceivable? Here, the theory focuses on a number of characters: Andy; his toy Woody; subsequent addition Jessie; and Andy's Mum. With this in mind, he explores some interesting observations between her and Jessie as well as Andy with Woody.

The Theory

As he claims, it's a theory that'll blow your mind, and it really does. According to this idea, Andy's Mum was the original owner of Jessie when she was a child, which would make her Emily (the owner Jessie tearfully recalls in 'Toy Story 2'). Visual evidence suggests that the red cowboy hat Andy wears as a child was Emily's (Andy's Mum's) and has been passed down to him.

We see Emily's bedroom during Jessie's song 'When Somebody Loved Me' in 'Toy Story 2' and the same hat lies on her bed. Emily's also wearing hers during the montage. The only discrepancy is the white band missing on Andy's. However, Jon puts this down to it being 20-30 years old, and has simply come off or worn away. Importantly though, one image does imply the white band has been removed, as we can see where it once was.

When Jessie is abandoned at the roadside, it'd be plausible that the hat would have simply not fit into the box (due to size) or wasn't present at the time. Could the young woman who dumped Jessie at the curb side really have been Andy's Mum? The hair looks the same, if you compare this girl's to what we see of Andy's Mum throughout the 'Toy Story' films...

A Solid Conclusion

What's more, we never actually learn the first name of Andy's Mum, nor do we know Emily's surname, either. She's only ever referred to her as Ms. Davis. So it does all link in: the pattern/behaviour of growing up; the identical hat; the omission of vital information that would (explicitly) link Jessie to Andy's Mum and so forth.

In the same way Andy forgets about, outgrows and donates his toys, Emily has done the exact same. It's a nice generational parallel, if this is indeed the case, proving that Pixar have, once again, woven something subtly special into their films, but what do you think?

Is the idea of Andy's Mum being Emily a plausible theory? Do you agree with it?

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