Pixar’s Finding Dory Makes Box Office History


Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory’ has finally made its way to cinemas in the US, and it’s stormed its way to box office history in its opening weekend.

To call the time between 2003′s ‘Finding Nemo’ - the story of clown fish Marlin who embarks on a journey to rescue his son who’s captured by an aquatically curious dentist - and its follow-up lengthy is something of an understatement. Many fans have literally grown up in the 13-year gap which means the film will appeal to original admirers as well as a new, younger audience.

With its release in the US this week (it came out there on 17 June), ‘Finding Dory’ now holds the title for the biggest opening weekend for an animated film, according to Box Office Mojo, with an eye-popping $186.2 million worldwide. Pixar’s latest brought in $136 million domestically (that’s just in the US), with almost an additional $50 million from other countries such as Australia, China, and India.

What’s more, ‘Dory’ broke the record for biggest single and opening day takings for an animation, with its first day amassing $54.9 million (which includes $9.2 million from Thursday previews).


Both China and Australia saw the film debut as their biggest Pixar openings ever, with $17.5 million and $7.6 million, respectively. And with it yet to open in countries like Japan and of course here in the UK, it looks set to have a very successful cinema run indeed.

Andrew Stanton’s ‘Finding Dory’ picks up a year after ‘Finding Nemo’ ends, when Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) begins to have dreams and flashbacks of her life before meeting Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Nemo (Haydon Rolence) in the first movie. Determined to track down her family, the forgetful fish sets out to locate her family with the help of her friends. However, Dory gets ‘rescued’ by a Marine Life Institute, with the intention of shipping her off to an aquarium.

‘Finding Nemo’ scooped a ocean-sized $937 million back in the summer of 2003, and if early indication is anything to go by we could see its sequel do just as well or even surpass it.

‘Finding Dory’ is in UK cinemas from 29 July 2016.

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Picture credit: Disney Pixar