Pixar's Inside Out: What We Know So Far

A brand new poster for Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ has been unveiled, and it looks rather lovely indeed (see below).

It’s a gorgeous image that illustrates the concept of the film, but what other info do we have ahead of its 2015 release?


Well, we’ve already been introduced, albeit briefly, to our human lead, Reilly. She’s a young girl with a lot on her mind, so the feature will explore the angst of a vulnerable mind, which is something most people can relate to.

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Pre-Feature Short

'Lava' accompanies the film, and is about a lonely volcano living in the middle of the ocean. All it wants is some company, which is its premise. In fact, it's a musical that tells a love story over millions of years, which is an interesting concept in itself. Watch a clip below.

Production Notes

'Inside Out' is directed by Pete Docter (helmer of 'Monsters, Inc.' and 'Up'), with him also on writing duties. Jonas Rivera is producing, and John Lasseter serves as an executive producer. 

The film is due out in the US on 19 June, 2015, with the UK getting a release on 24 July.


Our Lead

We get a glimpse at Reilly in the teaser trailer, the young girl whose mind is the setting for the film’s main characters to come to life, yet we don’t actually hear her say anything. Do we get to hear much from her in the movie, I wonder? Kaitlyn Dias is credited as her voice, so we must get some dialogue, but may be kept to a minimum.

Film Premise

Reilly is a young girl who is forced to relocate across the country after her parents decide to move. We follow her journey, but focuses on the inner conflict she experiences through characters that materialise from her emotions. They include Joy (Amy Poehler), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Anger (Lewis Black), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), and Fear (Bill Hader).

From the trailer, they seem like a bunch of varied, worthy additions to the Pixar universe. They appear to be a team, rather than out to get one another, so it’ll be fascinating to see how the dynamics work and how each plays off the other.

Watch the first trailer below.

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Picture credits: Pixar

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