Pixar's Inside Out trailer

Watch the trailer for Pixar's 2015 film Inside Out, starring Amy Poehler, Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling. The studio is currently working on a sequel, which is due out in 2024.

Video transcript

- So how was the first day of school?

- It was fine, I guess. I don't know.

- Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?

- Did you guys pick up on that?

- Sure did.

- Something's wrong.

- We're going to find out what's happening, but we'll need support. Signal the husband.


- With a nice pass over to Reed. Comes across center ice.


- Uh-oh, she's looking at us. What did she say?

- What?

- Oh. Sorry, sir. No one's listening.

- Is it garbage night? We left the toilet seat up. What? What is it, woman? What?

- Signal him again.


- Ah. So Riley, how was school?

- Seriously?

- You got to be kidding me.

- For this, we gave up that Brazilian helicopter pilot?


- School was great, all right?

- What was that? I thought you said we were going to act casual.

- Riley, is everything OK?

- Ugh.

- Sir, she just rolled her eyes at us.

- All right, make a show of force. I don't want to have to put the foot down.

- No. Not the foot.

- Riley, I do not like this new attitude.

- Oh, I'll show you attitude, old man.

- No. No, no, no, no. Breathe.

- What is your problem? Just leave me alone.

- Sir, reporting high levels of sass.

- Take it to DEFCON 2. DEFCON 2.

- I don't know where this disrespectful attitude came from.

- You want a piece of this, Pops?

- Yeah? Well, well--

- Prepare the foot.

- Keys to safety position.


Ready to launch on your command, sir.



- Just shut up.

- Fire.

- That's it. Go to your room.

- The foot is down. The foot is down.


- Good job, gentlemen. That could have been a disaster.

- Well, that was a disaster.


- Come. Fly with me, Katrina.