Pixar's most annoying characters

Mike P Williams
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Pixar's most annoying characters

Jessie from 'Toy Story 2'.

We can all agree that over the course of Pixar's history that they have created some of the most loveable and iconic film characters in pop culture. It's probably easy to pick out your favourite, whether it is Woody from 'Toy Story', Remy from 'Ratatouille' or Merida from 'Brave', everyone has a personal preference, but which characters prove to be some of the most grating and annoying? It's something that we tend to overlook, but here's a list of the one's that bug me.

5. Jessie from Toy Story 2

She certainly has her moments where we sympathise with her, especially during a touching song about her ex-owner abandoning her, but for the most parts she's rather insufferable with her loud and in-your-face attitude. She's often a bit full-on for the toys she meets, let alone for the audiences who have to endure her in an entire film.

4. Russell from Up

Younger kids won't have any issues with the rotund youngster, and in fairness he is a key element that makes up the great chemistry of characters in the film, but to any adult, especially Carl, he's a character that'll bug you for acting before engaging his brain. His heart's in the right place though.

3. Dash from The Incredibles

Pixar tend to include a bratty kid in a lot of their films, but Dash is perhaps one of the most annoying because he's at an age of mischief. What makes it worse is that he uses his superpowers for such naughtiness, and doesn't seem to suffer any repercussions afterwards!

2. Mater from Cars 2

Annoying in the first 'Cars' movie, he's even more so in the sequel. Sure, Mater may be slow on the uptake, but he's a character that has both the film's characters and audiences' eyes rolling throughout.

1. Darla from Finding Nemo

It was a tough choice for top spot, but Darla has to be the worst of the bunch. All she seems intent on is shaking fish to death and, from an aquatic perspective, is the most infuriating type of child, not least when she bangs the tank with her finger and has stubborn and spoilt qualities that make her thoroughly unlikeable.

Do you agree with my choices for Pixar's most annoying characters? Who would you pick?

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