PlayStation 5 Is Using Its Community To Crowdsource Gameplay Help

Sony unveiled a tool called Game Help years ago for when PlayStation players are having trouble progressing through a game. Depending on the title, the feature will jump in to offer hints, tips or even walkthrough videos.

Gameplay demos and even hacks are a big chunk of the online streaming industry. Some need the help but others simply enjoy watching their fellow gamers play.

In an expansion of Game Help, Sony is launching Community Game Help, which sources gameplay aid from PlayStation 5 users. The feature essentially looks the same as the original version but this time around, it includes contributions from not only developers but also the community at large.

Players will have the option to opt into the feature, after which Sony may automatically use their gameplay footage to show to other gamers. If you’re extremely successful at a given game, you could serve as a model to PS5 players everywhere without even knowing it.

Following the expansion, Game Help is also available to all PS5 players, with or without a PlayStation Plus subscription.