Police closing investigation into Alan Ruck's crash

Alan Ruck's truck crash is being blamed on a technology error.

The 'Succession' actor Rivian struck two other vehicles before getting lodged in the wall of Raffallo's Pizza at the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard in an incident last week and although police have been investigating what happened, they have been unable to determine a specific cause.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ they saw no evidence Alan was under the influence, distracted or otherwise impaired and are working on the theory that the high-tech specifications of the truck simply got the better of the driver and they are now closing their investigation and leaving it to insurance companies to deal with.

The electric truck features three all-wheel drive systems - Dual Motor, Performance Dual-Motor and Quad-Motor - and can go from 0-60mph very quickly.

Two people were taken to hospital after the crash, but both were conscious and breathing and are not believed to have suffered major injuries.

Alan, 67, recently insisted he was doing "fine" after the crash and felt grateful no one was seriously hurt.

Asked how he is doing, he told TMZ: "I'm fine and thank God nobody was killed."

Alan was sporting a tube bandage on his left knee and limping slightly, but insisted it wasn't an injury caused by the crash.

He said: "This isn't from the accident, this is because I'm getting old. I am fine."

The actor also admitted he was aware the crash scene has been compared to the infamous Ferrari smash in his cult movie 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'.

He said: "I guess that's what people are saying."

Video footage showed Alan's truck collide with another vehicle from behind, pushing it into the intersection, before hitting another car and then smashing into the wall at the pizza restaurant.

The 'Spin City' actor stayed at the scene following the crash and could be seen out of the truck - which had around half the cab lodged into the side of the eatery's brick building - talking on his phone.

A host of onlookers were drawn to the scene, with many taking pictures and videos of the vehicle stuck in the wall.